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- 01 / 07 / 89 -

Billy Joel, Sly Dunbar ID, Eric finally gets his Christmas spirit because of the snow, a special presentation of Brain Damage Incorporated: "McDonald's Special Sauce," "Uncle Rodney and Captain Christopher," "Eat Chicken and Die," "Language Assistance," "America Needs Defense," "Vice President Bush press conference," "Landing Speed," "Credit Operator," "Weather Experts/Nice Transformer," "The Vowel Movement," Pink Floyd, why bands use profanity, Elvis' birthday is tomorrow, an Elvis vigil at a Burger King in Ronkonkoma, calls from CB active listeners, what channels are used and avoided, today was Millard Fillmore Day, Eric doesn't have cable television, the need for good callers to clog up the lines, reaction to Brain Damage Incorporated, a critique of callers by a caller, a film about The Carpenters, CB frequencies, why it's impossible to prove anything about Elvis, there used to be a CB in the studio, debating whether or not Elvis is really dead, arranging gang wars over the air, the nature of FM radio waves, some of the major acts who have played Stony Brook, a conversation with a cashier, the prospect of barcodes being used on humans and cars, an idea for fun at a tollbooth, the lack of female callers, some future plans for NASA, a preview of the Hubble space telescope, the prospect of other planets around other stars, the Magellan spacecraft will head to Venus in April, discussion of various moons, some other scheduled space missions for this year, the effects of the Challenger disaster, transferring callers to the Phonemail system, the prospect of finding intelligent life in space, whether it makes sense to send people into space while there are still problems on Earth, the American dream, complaints about Belle Terre, how land can't really be owned, a new recycling law in Brookhaven, new pollution reducing gas pumps, racing through calls, CB talk, the possibility of intelligent microscopic life, "Concert Billboard," Sister Sara.

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Jan. 7
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- 01 / 14 / 89 -

"Stardate," the subject tonight will be smoking, 700 people are arrested in New York, Jim interferes with the reading of the news, Jim sprays Lysol on the microphone, President Reagan prepares to leave office, an attempt to call the president, demonstrations of very strange busy signals, some of the islands surrounding Long Island, Reagan's final address, David Alan joins the conversation about smoking, the move to stop smoking on the Long Island Railroad, some facts about smoking, trying to find a working microphone for Jim, callers discuss whether or not they smoke, an ad in The New York Times by the Tobacco Institute, people who die from lung cancer, doing things differently, Stiltskin's critique of the show, a new intro to the show is in the works, an emergency interrupt, Jim's idea on how to reach people who smoke, how some smokers still have a chance, how teenagers feel invincible, cigarette advertising, Brother Nick gives his thoughts on cigarette smoking, an appeal for working headphones, Jim sprays the microphone again, an appeal for input from listeners, wondering if Brother Bill will show up.

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Jan. 14
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- 01 / 21 / 89 -

"Stardate," a John Kennedy campaign speech from 1960, Joe Cocker, Eric challenges people to say "President Bush," Bush has now been in power for a couple of days, Ted Bundy confesses to more murders on the eve of his execution, Eric has major difficulty with a particular group of words, reflections of Bush coming to office, an attempt to call the White House press office, thoughts on Dan Quayle, the prospects of the military draft returning, the new era that has dawned on the country, how society has degenerated, how more homeless people have popped up in the last eight years than in the last few decades, an oddity that occurred during the swearing-in ceremony, an appeal for calls from other campuses, the need for better debates, chastising listeners for lying, the effect of Bush on education, a caller spills the beans on another caller, the amount of records in the WUSB library, a National Guard controversy involving Dan Quayle, a caller gets an extremely tacky birthday gift, inefficiency in the welfare system, giving up on the other campus idea, a look at "Crimewatch" from The Village Times, a toothbrush is stolen from the local Finast, news of incredibly stupid criminals, withholding judgment on Bush, some of the upcoming shows on WUSB.

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Jan. 21
brain_damage__19890121.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890121.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19890121-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890121-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3


- 01 / 28 / 89 -

"Stardate," old WUSB ID, blaming all the commotion on Tony White, the trouble classical music people bring, wondering when winter will begin, the Soviet Union is expected to withdraw from Afghanistan in the next week, the third anniversary of the Challenger disaster, tapes have arrived from Moscow, reports from the "home scene" of the USSR, Eric describes an editorial in The New York Times about the Shoreham nuclear power plant that made him see red, Eric was one of around 700 people to get arrested at an anti-Shoreham demonstration years ago, getting the address and phone number of The New York Times, what sacrifices people are willing to make to keep Shoreham from opening, an explanation of what Radio Moscow is, a crowd of demonstrators appears outside the window, the return of Andrew Goldberger, the threat of terrorism involving nuclear plants, Andrew's eight-year-old brother knows about the greenhouse effect, Jim Doomsayer argues for the opening of the plant, the possibilities of disconnecting LILCO, Eric was inside the Shoreham plant, Eric defends the fairness of WUSB and the discussion on Shoreham to Mr. Radio, the Seabrook nuclear plant, how the mood changed with regard to nuclear power, a call from the Continental Divide, an update on the stolen toothbrush, Newsday cuts "Andy Capp" to make room for "Pogo," how "Peanuts" just isn't funny anymore, the prospect of sending nuclear waste out into space, a caller takes exception to Mr. Radio, how people no longer seem to care about the future, considering the alternatives, a song by Sue Dougherty entitled "Shoreham," how very small things can cause catastrophic results in places like space shuttles and nuclear plants, a call from Eric's friend Kim Marie, the danger of apathy, Brother Nick wonders who will come on after him now that "Power Surge" has moved to Wednesdays.

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Jan. 28
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