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- 02 / 04 / 89 -

"Stardate," a National Lampoon loop, exhaling into the microphone, getting calling rates to Antarctica, an oil spill in Antarctica, penguins in peril, Ferdinand Marcos is near death, more Marcos news, Vice President Quayle visits El Salvador, a classic Quayle quote, a strange story about a sex change, how cold it was today, the Paraguayan president is toppled, Jim is all distorted, Jim dedicates a song on his classical show to Arnie Pritchett, Eric has a misadventure at the laundromat, hanging out with punks in the city, conformity, the lack of people with mohawks at the station, the prevalence of deadheads on campus, Eric witnesses the aftermath of a subway accident, Bill Fox appears in Eric's headphones, some facts about scouts, an operator demands money, whether or not the Boy Scouts are a religious organization, Eric challenges a caller to drop his cordless phone on the floor, comments about Mr. Radio, a caller is unable to hear Jim, worrying about the rest of the world, the future melting of the polar ice caps, Eric and Jim argue over the existence of the Swiss Army, a caller supplies some facts about Long Island, a caller wants to be a co-host, old trolley tracks in Northport, how trains around the world are outpacing those in the United States, the importance of satellite technology, the concept of "megalopolis," the promise of internationalism, the possibility of a tenth planet, local environmentalism, the importance of leaving Antarctica alone, "Brother Bob" is up next, there may be a basketball game on next week, saying good night to Jim.

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Feb. 4
brain_damage__19890204.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890204.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19890204-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890204-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3


- 02 / 18 / 89 -

"Stardate," gunfire, steel drum music, the end of a crazy week, "Moscow Mailbag," alcoholism in the Soviet Union, tapes are now coming in from Moscow, the story of Salman Rushdie, a radiation leak near Cincinnati, Soviet troops leave Afghanistan, David Duke wins an election, trying to reach David Duke's office, how to collect on the Ayatollah's price on Salman Rushdie's head, Eric calls the Iranian embassy in New Zealand and Australia, development on the East End, the importance of taking action on issues, the show was preempted by a basketball game last week, why certain "blasphemous" books are banned, Andrew Goldberger plays a "Brain Damage" related tape over the phone, encouraging criticism of Islam, how nothing is above criticism, Bill Fox talks about religion, a song from a child, a call from Poquott, how people don't really know what it's like to be old, the notion of a "kinder, gentler" nation, thoughts on gun control, tactics shared by the NRA and bottle bill opponents, the hesitation to criticize the Ayatollah, the risks of contacting the Soviet Union, thoughts on what to do with criminals, wondering where the next show is, steel drum music, Radiothon promo.

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Feb. 18
brain_damage__19890218.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890218.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19890218-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890218-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3


- 02 / 25 / 89 -

Sun Ra promo, "Stardate," trying to get the phone number for "Brain Damage," Cat Stevens, news that Cat Stevens has come out in support of the killing of Salman Rushdie, Jim tells of differing reactions in the Islamic world, a Cat Stevens song from 1967, potential ways of getting Cat Stevens into trouble, a selection from "Buddha and the Chocolate Box," an update on the Rushdie story, a snowstorm just misses the area, talk of the brand new Radiothon that's coming soon to WUSB, an explanation of why it's necessary to replace the transmitter, the need to raise funds, what the station doesn't want to do, a look at some of the special programs planned, Andrew Goldberger tells of a math injustice committed against him, Eric tries not to get upset at the fact that people aren't talking about the fundraiser, the one show on WUSB that Jim doesn't listen to, the importance of height in FM radio, debating the merit of David Duke, sending listeners to other stations, the Grateful Dead show at Stony Brook, Andrew has a suggestion about wrestling on the radio, an attempt to restart a radio feud, problems hearing Jim over the phone, confusion as to where Jim is coming from, Dave from New York calls in to get people to tune in to "Saturday Night Live," Eric tries to fade Jim down, words to a first time caller, some facts about Connecticut radio stations, what it's like to work in a commercial radio station, the Radiothon begins in three weeks, both of the Brothers are at the station, "Concert Billboard."

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Feb. 25
brain_damage__19890225.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890225.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19890225-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890225-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3

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