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- 04 / 01 / 89 -

[There is bad distortion for the first seven minutes.] The Phonemail lady, "Pacifica News" announcement as an April Fool's joke, the show begins late, Chris Crowley stops in to talk about Satanic worship in playgrounds, why Chris wears a leather jacket while being a vegetarian, dialing a number to find out what the long distance carrier is, eating chocolate rabbits on the air, when the rates are lowest, the method of making payphone calls has changed as of today, demonstrating some phone company recordings, what a phone bong is, some of the companies now charging outrageous rates, some of the dangers awaiting consumers, some facts about the changes, challenging some of Andrew Goldberger's assumptions about phone service, calling information operators around the country to find out what companies they work for, Andrew writes a second book, fun things that can be done with payphone numbers, methods used in obtaining calling card numbers, dispelling some rumors, the coming of CLASS features, a demonstration of a mystery number, hacking the system, getting dialing rates to Burma, a listener just returned from Burma, finding out why there's still an apparent connection between AT&T and New York Telephone, trying to make a call to Burma, a new policy could affect dialing overseas information, proving an operator wrong, calling the mystery number again, problems international students on campus have when calling home, how new payphone companies haven't driven the cost down, the meaning of "Screen Code 97," how Eric got signed up with MCI against his wishes, getting the 800 number for IBM, the unfairness of paying for an unlisted number or for touch tones, the risk of being tapped, what Eric does during the rest of the week, why people need to experiment with technology, how it was before divestiture, the beginnings of MCI, a call to Working Assets Long Distance, ways to annoy computers that call people at home, how to get the phone numbers from elevator phones on campus.

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Apr. 1
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- 04 / 08 / 89 -

Jim is lurking, a huge pro-choice demonstration is scheduled for tomorrow in Washington DC, the possibility that Roe vs. Wade could be overturned this year, a show of support for a student accused of rape at Stony Brook, racial animosity on campus, Jim's impressions of the controversy, how the student was thrown out of school before being convicted, 300 people attended the rally in support of the accused student, other crimes on campus, why the university wants to keep such things quiet, the inadequate training that Public Safety gets, the difficulty involved in positively identifying people, how it was possible for an arrest to even take place, cops who don't care, Eric's experiences witnessing racist cops, a policeman's attack on a homeless person in New York City, racial generalizations, why it's wrong to support anyone without knowing the facts, a caller plays a strange phone company recording, a call from Ras Mike, the rarity of black police officers on Long Island, a lack of serious calls, a murder in Setauket, the wrongness of the "pro-life" label, trying to figure out the exact time the bus to Washington is leaving, Eric accidentally cuts off callers, a warning that the white race is in danger from David Duke, trying to get Jim and others in the studio to take the part of white survivalists, some more excerpts from a racist newsletter, there won't be much talking from Brother Nick on his show tonight, "Concert Billboard."

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Apr. 8
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- 04 / 15 / 89 -

Adam West "Destinies" promo, a special tribute to Abbie Hoffman who died this week, Chicago Transit Authority, an obituary, how Abbie lived a double life while wanted by the authorities, a Pacifica feature on his life, Phil Ochs, asking whether people under 30 really knew what kind of person Abbie Hoffman was, Norman Bishop discusses his relationship with Abbie, his life as Barry Freed, allegations of cocaine smuggling, his history of depression, his impressive athletic abilities, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Eric's memories of Abbie Hoffman at Stony Brook, an excerpt from Abbie's speech at Stony Brook, Al Stewart, where are the Chicago Seven today?, Artie and Happy Traum, T. Menkel talks about his days with Barry Freed in upstate New York, John Prine, when Abbie was happiest, who he looked up to, how Abbie hated to lose, how he changed in the later years, the effect that the conservative movement may have had on him, tracking down the obituary in The New York Times, The Beatles, Allen Ginsberg, Eric's dim memories of the 60s, looking to the future, Phil Ochs.

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Apr. 15
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- 04 / 22 / 89 -

An alternate intro ("Facts Are Stupid Things" featuring Ronald Reagan), Chris Crowley is the sidekick tonight, tonight's show is up to the listeners, trying to get the headphones working, eating fortune cookies on the air, an idea to advertise on the other side of the fortune, the future of advertising in theaters and on public television, Exxon gives Alaska Public Radio money to cover the oil spill, the recent flurry of environmental disasters, Eric used to do a Tuesday morning show a couple of years ago, anti-government rioting is reported in China, a soccer disaster in England, Eric's experience at a Clash show in Asbury Park, Eric's been hanging out with skinheads, Chris' experience at a Ramones show, seeing The Clash at an outdoor show in the rain, more reaction to the Exxon Valdez oil spill, how to deal with all of the environmental problems, getting the number and address for the corporate headquarters of Exxon, a listener reports on a local pirate radio station, Chris gets in trouble for belching on the air, Mike Yuhas' case of hiccups on the air during "The Voice Of Long Island," the appeal of matzos, the danger of the new religious station in town, Eric tries to get the phone number out while Chris makes noise, indoor benches have been placed in the Student Union building, the best way to get to Vermont, how Ben and Jerry's got their start, addictive cheese snacks, Chris is dealing red hot blue chips, a foghorn interrupts the conversation, a reminder about Radiothon t-shirts, history of another pirate station in Connecticut, a caller has crosstalk, Eric's experience with a crossed line, Chris does a show with the name "Sixty-Nine" on Tuesday afternoons, trying to figure out how to dispose of medical waste, trying to find out what happened at an Earth Day rally earlier in the day, why Chris is always at the station, a caller has a run-in with Public Safety, intimidation tactics of law enforcement, Chris' advice on the need to protect other people, the controversy surrounding porn numbers, conference numbers that don't cost as much as the premium services, a caller details how cops harass skateboarders in Connecticut, Chris opens a mystery envelope on the air, a caller defends the cops, Eric's negative impression of certain Suffolk County cops, the police riot in Tompkins Square Park last summer, the case of a man who got away with shooting six cops in New York City, Brother Nick's voice is still shot, Adam West "Destinies" promo.

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Apr. 22
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- 04 / 29 / 89 -

"Stardate," Eric is tired of the same old theme, a computerized reading of the location of any telephone exchange, calling various other computers, Donner Party, a voice activated computer, "Moscow Mailbag," Donner Party, trying to call Albania, calling information in Yugoslavia, some background on Albania, some news from Burma, other countries that can't be called from the United States, Elvis is supposed to be at Burger King in Holbrook again, Tawana Brawley admits to making up the whole story, details of the entire story, Al Sharpton's involvement, questions on whether an attack on a jogger in Central Park was a racial incident, the difference between this and Howard Beach, other similar instances, the lack of callers, Jim tries to help get people to call, the strange custom that keeps rape victims' names secret, Chris arrives from the rain, Chris explains how racial violence becomes possible in today's society, a caller describes himself as a bigot, who was really to blame for what happened in Wappingers Falls, how much is actually going on on a personal level, anger towards Sharpton, Chris blows his chance at getting an apartment in the city, the concept of reverse racism, Eric and Chris try to hook two callers up at the same time through two studios, Eric tries to be heard, how the media is at fault in these cases, Chris takes over the show, Brother Bill.

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Apr. 29
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