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- 05 / 06 / 89 -

Dave Brown, "Stardate," an excerpt from the Nixon/Kennedy debate, a scratchy Pink Floyd selection with delay effects, "The Prisoner," it's extremely hot in the studio, "Moscow Mailbag," travel to the Soviet Union, Grateful Dead, Al Jolson, cocktail party, conflicting clocks, trying to call the time, trying to call a radio station in Albania, Donner Party, calling Australia to try and get to Albania, a rush to buy Pennsylvania lottery tickets, the odds of actually winning, asking questions of the Australian operators, a detailed explanation of how a call to Albania would be placed from Australia, a vote on the mandatory student activity fee which could affect WUSB funding, Eric's ties to the university, the friendliness of Australian operators, a phone in Albania may have rung tonight because of the attempt to reach them, huge American flags, an American city is bombed accidentally, trying to reach the town in Georgia that was hit, a long conversation with an information operator in Georgia, facts about collecting on lottery winnings, the various types of rip-off phone numbers that exist, how it's cheaper to call the time in a distant city than to call locally, some horror stories, callers named Michelle, more on the campus rape crisis, how Al Sharpton doesn't represent every black person, what the mass media is missing in this story, some trivia about the 6 train in New York City, excerpt from an Ellen Goodman column on racism, a story involving Morton Downey Jr., more on the Tawana Brawley story, racism at Stony Brook, "The Prisoner," Brother Nick, Donner Party, cocktail party.

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May 6
brain_damage__19890506.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890506.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19890506-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890506-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3


- 05 / 13 / 89 -

Reagan quotes, "Moscow Mailbag," Bill Fox calls in to critique "Moscow Mailbag," it's the last week of school at Stony Brook, Andrew Goldberger has a horrible phone line, a call from Mike Yuhas, Mike announces that he's moving to Wisconsin, Eric may go to the Debbie McClatchy concert next week, Mike carries on the show while Eric goes to the library for a record, Debbie McClatchy, Eric imagines a world full of Khomeinis, Debbie McClatchy, directory assistance for Hawaii mysteriously appears, Mike tries to come up with something to say to the listeners on the eve of his departure, Mike organizes a phone dropping contest, advertisements in films, a look at the news, a call to a strange computerized version of the Associated Press, Laurie Anderson, assorted spoken computer phrases, a caller has thoughts on the campus Rolm phones, thoughts on sushi and worms, the amount of worms per human, another computerized service that gives phone numbers and addresses of people, Eric's prediction on over the phone advertising, thoughts from a Ward Melville High School student, a computer gives directions, more on eating worms, it's Mother's Day, Debbie McClatchy.

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May 13
brain_damage__19890513.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890513.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19890513-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890513-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3


- 05 / 27 / 89 -

30 seconds of silence on the radio to prove a point, Patsy Cline, the effect of radio, Edith Piaf, reading the liner notes, "Radio Bridge" from Radio Moscow, what Exxon is doing to clean up the mess in Alaska, trying to call Exxon, some facts and figures on the oil spill, sludge in the Long Island Sound, appropriate action to take against those responsible, a call from San Remo, allegations about dumping from the Kings Park Psychiatric Center, why cleaning up the Exxon spill is the responsibility of the government as well, Magellan is on its way to Venus, Debby McClatchy, a quote from the Long Island Association on pollution angers Eric, C. Everett Koop is resigning, ways we can benefit from the bad environmental news.

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May 27
brain_damage__19890527.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890527.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19890527-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19890527-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3

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