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- 06 / 03 / 89 -

A day to live in history, "Moscow Mailbag," a song celebrating June, Eric remembers June 3rd ten years ago when a massive anti-nuclear demonstration took place on Long Island, the story of climbing the fence at Shoreham and getting arrested for civil disobedience, the role playing exercises involved in training for this, what it was like the day of the demonstration, a violent end to pro-democracy demonstrations in China, the death toll at Tiananmen Square is estimated to be 500, reaction around the world, excerpts from BBC World Service, excerpts from Radio Moscow, The Clash, meaningful lyrics, differences between various authority figures, a CBS news crew is arrested in China, a caller expresses cynicism, why it's important to express yourself on such topics, a plea for serious calls, the story that led up to the day's events, how the soldiers sent out today were very different from the ones who had been there previously, why the demonstration wasn't crushed earlier, Bush's hypocrisy, trying to call China, a bulletin announcing the death of Ayatollah Khomeini, differences in people from Moscow and Siberia, a caller warns about the danger of democracy in certain countries, a recap of the news from the BBC, how today will be remembered for centuries, Mike Mills ID.

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June 3
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- 06 / 10 / 89 -

Jim Wiener, trouble finding Eric's closing theme, "Stardate," "Moscow Mailbag," the topic will be China again tonight, Brother Bill joins the show, news update, the craziness of the Ayatollah's funeral, Bill talks about how the China story has affected him, a look at the aging Chinese leadership, the danger of the Chinese government's propaganda succeeding, "Soviet Viewpoint," problems getting out of China, a reign of terror, why this injustice is being treated differently than many others in different countries, The Clash, a piece from the Beijing Review which treated the demonstrators as heroes, a critical letter to the Beijing Review, words from one of the hunger strikers, the huge generation gap in China, problems with headphones and phones, The Beatles, a low tech solution to the phone problem, difficulty reaching Beijing, trying to track down a hiss, the parallel of the Chinese democracy movement with the recent pro-choice demonstrations in Washington DC, listening to the BBC, an appeal for intelligent calls, trying to call China, a transcript of a conversation between Chinese leadership and student leaders, how the story could disappear from public attention, how people could have missed the story, a caller has information on a local lawsuit involving beachfront cottages, extending the program into Brother Bill's show, the power of an individual and why this isn't widely known, more talk of the Central Park jogger case, the concept of death behind bars, the contrast with Howard Beach, how events thousands of miles away can affect us, how the media's presence made a difference at Tiananmen Square, The Specials.

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June 10
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- 06 / 17 / 89 -

"Stardate," out of service recording, "Moscow Mailbag," news from a computer, the latest from China, death sentences are handed out, the danger of the same kind of crackdown happening in the Soviet Union, Slovenia launches a secession movement in Yugoslavia, how the media in China was manipulated, trying to call Chinese "snitch" numbers, Eric gives out the actual phone numbers, the prevalence of coups in certain nations, some facts about shortwave, a call from a couple of strange kids, how the events in China have become a battle between the media of different countries, some of the reactions that have come from phone calls to snitch lines, why there hasn't been a U.N. resolution condemning China's actions, the kinds of people over here who don't seem to care, how technology can be used in new ways to fight oppression, additional ways that computer bulletin boards can be used, people who hate answering machines, data services that exist for consumers, modems now go up to 9600 baud, Kraftwerk, Eric is considering going to a European hacker conference, a call for advice on traveling overseas, facts about traveling to Albania, countries that require visas for U.S. citizens, some travel facts about Ireland, a theory about Ronald Reagan, a caller says Sammy is cooler than Eric, questions about the highway to Berlin, wondering if the wall will ever come down, a possibility that a caller is stealing the name Vinnie, the lack of skate parks on Long Island, the possibility of towns seceding from Suffolk County, another reading of the snitch numbers, "Concert Billboard," Brother Nick.

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June 17
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- 06 / 24 / 89 -

"Is this information?," computer news, The Who, more than 250,000 people are participating in a gay rights parade in New York City on the 20th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the effect AIDS is having on the gay community, an important announcement is coming, "Moscow Mailbag," Eric announces a name change for the country of Burma, Confuse The Operator: trying to call Myanmar, the issue of flag burning is in the news again after a Supreme Court decision, the question of banning sex phone numbers after another Supreme Court decision, some words from the person behind the flag burning controversy, a caller has a problem with Mr. Radio, the definition of indecency remains murky, how it's technically legal to call a 970 number on the air, trying to get Lauren's microphone to work, Eric tries to offend people, some words of support for the Chinese government's actions, 30 people are reported to have been executed for their role in the demonstrations in China, Pink Floyd, a 970 number, a warning for motorcycle riders, neither Brother Bill nor Brother Nick will be in tonight, Pink Floyd.

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June 24
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