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- 09 / 16 / 89 -

"Stardate," a telephone strike related recording, Big Audio Dynamite, a rare mix, Eric is back after six weeks in Europe, advice on the best way to travel, a list of places Eric has been, the many languages people in Europe can speak compared to Americans, the difference in toilets, the strangeness of Berlin, what the subway system is like in East and West Berlin, Eric's journey into East Berlin, the weirdness involved in changing money between the two Berlins, Radio 100 in West Berlin, Eric tracks down Radio Berlin International in East Berlin, the large amount of plate smashing at weddings, how so many people in Europe seem to smoke, the trains of Europe, Eric discovers that war was declared on drugs while he was away, Eric's bad experience with drugs in Holland, how to get out of a drug panic, a British perspective on the newly announced war on drugs, another Big Audio Dynamite remix, an interview with Big Audio Dynamite will be presented sometime in the future, Tom Baker filled in while Eric was away, Eric's experience at the annual Carnival in London, a British column critical of police actions at the Notting Hill event, the misconceptions around "Do The Right Thing," a government comment about turning Lebanon into an ashtray, Andrew Goldberger talks about the MTV Music Awards, some of the indecent material that went out during that show, how this kind of thing doesn't seem to matter in Europe, how there seems to be more mixing of ages in Europe, what exactly is involved in visiting East Berlin, a definition of racism, the emphasis on racial breakdown in the recent mayoral primary in New York, a caller reports on misbehavior by a cop, a special guest, how phones ring differently overseas, checking on the sound of a ring in Japan, some updates from the computer BBS scene, Eric reports on the Galactic Hacker Party in Amsterdam, Eric meets Captain Crunch for the first time, a well organized anarchist convention, ISDN is set to be introduced in West Germany next year, how the payphones in Europe pale in comparison to the United States, the prevalence of unpopular card phones, Eric demonstrates the extra tones on a touch tone pad, sunspot activity is in the future, a picture of Reagan with a bizarre haircut in the paper today, the danger of the Galileo space probe to be carried on the space shuttle, Eric was in Europe during the 50th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, the interest in history, the story of Vera Lynn, Pink Floyd, Jello Biafra's comments on the space shuttle and plutonium risk, Berlin has a Green mayor, the frantic pace of life in the States, Eric takes issue with Bush's stand on assault weapons, why drugs aren't a big deal in other places, the possibility of East Germany disappearing, a power glitch, the trust system that's in place in many parts of Europe, Hurricane Hugo may be on the way, a wildcat is on the loose in Yaphank, Eric may be at the Big Audio Dynamite concert in Sag Harbor next week, Steve's first show, "Concert Billboard."

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Sep. 16
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- 09 / 30 / 89 -

Dave Brown explains the significance of the number 30, "Stardate," various pitches of a ringing phone, sweep tone, Reagan quotes, this may be the last time the intro is played in its current form, "Moscow Mailbag," an extra flourish, Eric determines that the world is in sorry shape, yet another new Big Audio Dynamite song, anti-abortion rallies across the country, the FBI warns against distribution of a record by NWA that allegedly incites violence against cops, a crackdown on obscenity, the official definition of obscenity, some words from Jesse Helms, a new Fred Wiseman documentary, a sex scandal at a university on Long Island, the question of whether obscenity leads to rape, a call from a minister and his sister, Eric gets tricked into alcoholism, the right to make your own choices, the belief that AIDS is a form of punishment, numbers for sweep tones, controversy over police checkpoints for seatbelts, "Soviet Viewpoint" on drug use in the United States.

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Sep. 30
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