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- 10 / 07 / 89 -

"Stardate," the next space shuttle may be the last one ever, Big Audio Dynamite, sound effects, a controversial decision in a rape case, why the Atlantis space shuttle launch scheduled for next week could be a disaster, Robert Knight of WBAI explains what the danger is, how NASA is planning to hurtle the Galileo space probe past Earth, why the mass media doesn't seem to be covering this story, calling information to get the number for the Foundation for Economic Trends and the Christic Institute, a bizarre and frustrating error message, looking for the number for the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice, Psycho music, a Chinese tape on pornography, the 40th anniversary of East Germany's founding results in violence in East Berlin, Hungary's communist party decides to cease operations, Bulgaria moves along more slowly, a listener debates the danger of the space shuttle, the absurdity of having old spacecraft hurtling back down to earth on a regular basis, the local 7-11 has stopped carrying magazines due to an argument, the large number of armed hostage taking in schools lately, the issue of gun control, a discussion on nuclear war, it's 11:11 and 11 degrees, a ticker in New York City is counting the number of people in the world, avoiding the gun argument, a Levittown teenager is arrested for hacking into Grumman, confusion over the Legion of Doom, a virus hits Nassau Community College, the "Columbus Day virus," how it was so easy for the Grumman hacker to gain access, why hacking is normal and healthy, how the media got it wrong, a hamster analogy, a complaint about sirens in New York City, how the phone strike is starting to get to Eric, a nightmare involving the streets of New York and payphones, how the phone company benefits from the strike, why the payphones are all broken. [end cut off]

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Oct. 7
brain_damage__19891007.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19891007.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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- 10 / 14 / 89 -

"Stardate," there is no brand new theme yet, Big Audio Dynamite, sounds of marching, a space alien invades a Soviet city according to Tass, what it will be like the day mankind meets a race from outer space, weirdness in the stock market, trying to understand how it works, the possibility of a crash on Monday, more myths revolving around the Columbus Day virus, more racial attacks in Brooklyn this time targeting Jewish students, the police deny a racial attack took place in Selden, the Suffolk County Legislature votes to have a curfew in effect on Halloween night, looking for Jim Wiener, more on flag burning, trouble hearing a caller, possibly the worst sounding call ever, calling overseas information for Cuba, the first show with Jim since before the summer, debating whether or not Bermuda can be considered overseas, how things are going to happen in East Germany, more on the alien story in the Soviet Union, the new transmitter will be turned on in December, new notepads at the station, the space shuttle is still set to go up with a potentially deadly load of plutonium, a discussion on whether or not people should be allowed to burn the flag, the future of Antarctica, Pete Kang is in the studio, trying to hear Jim from another studio, calling Jim on the intercom, the importance of phone calls to the success of the show, Jim describes what Pete is doing to the other studio, a piano has appeared in the studio, trying to get all five lines lit, Eric explains the concept of voice mail, exploring a voice mail system with many different customers, Pete tells what he's been up to, the idea of exploding flags, a call from a fax machine, wondering why none of the lights are lit, why Eric waits for the lines to light up before taking calls, the Oakland A's win the first game of the World Series, Jim's idea for shortening the World Series, Jim's remarks provoke an angry mob, calling Hell to find a 7-11, a new Laurie Anderson tour, memories of a two night performance at BAM during the "United States" tour, a critique of David Byrne's new Brazilian influenced music, different phases for different musicians, a call from a sweep tone, Jim reports on a silent demonstration against Eric, a school team boycotts a game for possible racial reasons, the New York Telephone strike is still ongoing, the current limits of the transmitter, a new university computer system has a robotic voice, the importance of teachers in shaping young minds, a call from Susan, wondering what happened to the wildcat in Yaphank.

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Oct. 14
brain_damage__19891014.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19891014.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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- 10 / 21 / 89 -

A music fill, Eric is late, another Big Audio Dynamite remix, "Moscow Mailbag," wondering where the old host of "Moscow Mailbag" is, phone problems, an announcement for the tenth anniversary of the Stony Brook Press, Eric won't be in next week, Klaatu, the Beatle rumor, cueing up a record on the air, Mike the building manager is in the studio, calling San Francisco, the story of Buck Helm, the aftermath of Tuesday's earthquake, an earthquake account by Jack London, wondering where all the listeners have gone, house music is invading the radio station, the incredible timing of the earthquake, the earthquake jokes have begun, remembering an oil tanker explosion in Northport, the space probe is on its way to Jupiter, Ronald Reagan is on a speaking tour in Japan, a stock market rally, a listener explains the financial world, how these are interesting times, the station is only broadcasting at 90 percent power, a Black Mass will air next week, Eric is convinced nobody is listening, asking the operator if everything is okay, Eric berates Susan for thinking she has nothing interesting to say, initial images of the earthquake, what to do if an earthquake strikes.

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Oct. 21
brain_damage__19891021.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19891021.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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