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- 11 / 04 / 89 -

Jim Wiener, "Stardate," Eric suspects something weird is happening at "Stardate," Jim almost trips in the studio, Public Enemy, a bizarre accident involving the record, a special presentation of Brain Damage Incorporated: "McDonald's Special Sauce," "Uncle Rodney and Captain Christopher," "Eat Chicken and Die," "Language Assistance," "America Needs Defense," "Vice President Bush press conference," "Landing Speed," "Credit Operator," "Weather Experts/Nice Transformer," "The Vowel Movement," Steve Goodman ID, Eric figures out how to dial telephone repair from the restricted campus phone system, the automated repair system, how the continuing New York Telephone strike isn't hurting the phone company, reporting New York Telephone to the automated repair service, calling the automated credit service, demonstrating what it's like not to have a touchtone phone, a question about the purpose of sweep tones, how loop lines used to work, calling a strange recording, why blue boxes don't work as much today, the fight for the environment in the upcoming election, the useless sections of newspapers, controversy surrounding County Legislator Steve Englebright, questioning whether newspapers should endorse candidates, changes in the minimum wage, a caller reports on an anti-fur demonstration on campus, how the public sometimes responds to demonstrators, the argument against voting, CBGBs will have its last matinee hardcore show on Sunday, how to motivate fellow students and fight policy in a junior high school, last week's Satanic Mass on the air, the front page story of Newsday focuses on John F. Kennedy Jr. failing his bar exam, a caller has issues with Fugazi, playing Fugazi on the air, Eric defends cutting off Mr. Radio, advice to a 13-year-old, the "Just Say No" mentality, more thoughts on flag burning, the parallels to the Salman Rushdie case, hypothetical situations involving defacing the flag, the Flag Protection Act takes effect, a caller wants the flag to be respected, when to hear "Turmoil" on the radio station, the Pledge of Allegiance in schools.

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Nov. 4
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- 11 / 11 / 89 -

Dave Brown, "Stardate," Pink Floyd, songs about walls, the Berlin Wall has fallen, the end of a war, an editorial from The New York Times, East Germans are now allowed to travel freely, Tobias Robischon from West Berlin describes the chaotic scene in the city, what it meant to realize that the wall was really gone, the overcrowded conditions in the streets of the West, predictions for the future of East Germany, what it's like to live in a divided city, the future of the divided subway system, what caused all of the changes, Eric describes what it was like visiting West and East Berlin, who was really responsible for the wall coming down, encouraging people to visit Europe, the prospects of the two Germanies merging, trying to pronounce a Polish name, a look at the various regimes in the East, how Americans can gain inspiration from what's happening overseas, the distance between government and citizens in the United States, how people should expect basic services like education and health, how Eric's eyes were opened over the years, escaping the Cold War mentality, a call from history professor Hugh Cleland, the importance of reading and questioning, Eric reviews "Dead Poets Society," a discussion on art and politics.

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Nov. 11
brain_damage__19891111.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19891111.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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- 11 / 18 / 89 -

Valerie Jean, "Stardate," computer voices, Ron Geesin and Roger Waters, how Eric found this unusual record, a crisis involving time at the radio station, the various university restrictions that make it impossible to know what time it is, "Moscow Mailbag," the time is established, The Beatles, the Soviet Union can now be dialed directly, "Germany Today," The Beatles in German, Eric checks his credit card bills over the air, a five percent cut in the military is on the horizon, the war budget may finally be cut, debating whether or not Reagan can take the credit for what's happening in Eastern Europe, a very strange ad in the Port Jefferson Record, the advantage of buying a foreign car, David Durst calls in to offer an explanation on foreign products and trade, some of the differences in culture between the United States and Japan, the case for the two Germanies to not reunite, the panic over Japanese owning Rockefeller Center, attempting to call the Soviet Union, Ron Geesin and Roger Waters, trying random numbers in Moscow, a listener calls with more facts about Japan, media mistruths in the Tiananmen Square story, what news anchors are like behind the scenes, an article about Albania, Albanian folk music, "Concert Billboard."

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Nov. 18
brain_damage__19891118.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19891118.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19891118-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19891118-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3


- 11 / 25 / 89 -

Eric vows to destroy the old intro, Eric forgets that it's Saturday, a collect call from Mike Yuhas, the sound of an old fashioned phone dropping, Jim sulks on the air, Mike will be filling in for Charlie Backfish, the first time in 51 years that there's been snow on Thanksgiving, why a listener boycotts Thanksgiving, the bloodbath in El Salvador, how government supported murderers are never referred to as terrorists, how the United States is now doing what the Soviet Union used to do, Andrew Goldberger talks about being on the history team, every toilet flushes differently, the risk of another Vietnam in Central America, the absurdity of El Salvador being considered a potential threat to the United States, Eric's family disagreements at Thanksgiving, the balance of nature and how it could work against mankind, the possibility of space travel, more talk of toilets, the question of whether the end of the Cold War means an end to major conflicts, predicting where the next conflict might occur, the positive side of humans, how every little action can matter, word of a gravity shortage and what can be done about it, a call from Westport, a tale of Jehovah's Witnesses, the lack of a true majority in the last presidential election, how certain stores discard items, the difference in the debating system in the United States and Canada, incompatibility between democracy and capitalism, what should be done to Exxon, changes in Czechoslovakia and South Africa, Eric can't find the outro, the "India Hour" theme, fixing technical problems.

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Nov. 25
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