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- 03 / 03 / 90 -

Eric gives an impromptu live "Stardate," Ron Geesin and Roger Waters, music from Albania, a letter in The New York Times criticizes treatment of Albania, an interview with Jack Schulman who wrote the letter, accomplishments and myths concerning Albania, the status of religion, a history of Albania, the alliance with China, the phone situation in Albania, a ban by Suffolk County to forbid plastic fast food containers is thrown out, oil spills, how accountable Exxon should be, Radiothon is coming up on April 5th, over a thousand listeners called in to petition the FCC in the fight to save the station's signal, Ron Geesin and Roger Waters, a competition between the new automated Long Island Railroad system and humans, a call from someone who went to Alaska and saw the Exxon Valdez mess, ways to deal with environmental issues, the problem with things being the same everywhere, the return of an old caller, the arrogance of organized religion, Raz talks about de-evolution, "Power Surge."

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Mar. 3
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- 03 / 10 / 90 -

Jim Wiener, the Stony Brook Patriots win a championship, Jim theorizes on what Eric's topic will be, "Stardate," a technical difficulty recording, Johnny Rivers, duck and cover, "Soviet Viewpoint" - withdrawal of troops from Prague, "Soviet Mass Media Review" with TV themes in the background, discussion of whether playing TV themes in the background is disrespectful, Jim explains the premise to some of the shows, a large number of people are in the studio, Susan rips the campus directory, disagreement as to whether or not Big Audio Dynamite really broke up, the Ohio lottery numbers, a new Big Audio Dynamite song from the soundtrack to a film, moving the microphone, debating the merits of the film, Eric tells the story of getting mugged in New York City, how people react in such situations, Matt tells what it was like when his car was stolen, racial statistics, Jim tells of his experiences getting mugged, Eric's idea for a film, the Stony Brook basketball team championship game was the last one to be played in the old gym, the correct way to deal with muggers, Arnie is filling in for Raz, thoughts on the death penalty, the danger of handwriting analysis, more TV themes, "Death Racer" will be the guest host of "Power Surge," "Concert Billboard."

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Mar. 10
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- 03 / 17 / 90 -

Crying babies, attempting to take calls before 11 pm, details about the upcoming Radiothon, the possibility of moving the transmitter, some of the historical programming that will be airing during the Radiothon, memories of the Bridge to Nowhere, a call for volunteers, developments in Germany, why it's wrong to be afraid of Germans, a call from Dave Ruderman, an accusation of a staged massacre in Romania, a Dan Quayle story, a new "Brain Damage" intro is in the works, there were 2000 listeners who responded to the threat from a new station out east, a listener has information on the dangers of FM transmitters, promoting Bill Lazaroff's oldies show, how WUSB has managed to survive the perils of broadcasting, how universities are losing money, comments about racism on Long Island, Brain Damage Incorporated: "McDonald's Special Sauce," "Uncle Rodney and Captain Christopher," "Eat Chicken and Die," "Language Assistance," "America Needs Defense," "Vice President Bush press conference," "Landing Speed," "Credit Operator," "Weather Experts/Nice Transformer," "The Vowel Movement," a stuck record player, Aztec Two Step benefit concert promo, a controversy involving Cardinal O'Connor, a new policy in record stores, the lack of local talk shows these days, Eric's enthusiasm for the upcoming Shelley Thunder concert, updated names for various campus buildings, Eric defends station guidelines, the right to smoke and drink, releasing the stuck CD, a crowded "Power Surge."

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Mar. 17
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- 03 / 24 / 90 -

Valerie Jean, "Stardate," Radiothon promo, a new intro is being worked on, news of Grateful Dead concerts in the Albany area, a rare concert will be aired in two weeks as part of Radiothon, a Grateful Dead trivia contest, a contest to identify an object by the way it sounds when it falls, a tense situation in Lithuania as calls for independence increase, a caller tries to find out personal information on Eric, "Soviet Viewpoint" - the problem of conversion, Big Audio Dynamite in dub, playing the song quickly backwards on the CD player, more clues on the mystery object, a Shelly Thunder/Sister Carol concert at Stony Brook, discussion on specifics of the Grateful Dead performance, more guesses on the mystery object, Big Audio Dynamite, a controversy involving broccoli, Christina gives a thumbs down to Tom Baker's hosting of the show, a caller gets it right, Eric gets a piece of mail from Albania, opening the letter live on the air, Eric and Kahn try to figure out the program listing, frequency listing, reading the bits of literature contained within the letter, Radiothon promo with laughter, why the situation in Lithuania is happening, trying to call Lithuania, comparing the intelligence of operators, Stony Brook Theatre promo, trying to find out if there's any new news from Lithuania, Aztec Two Step promo, looking for the outro, Big Audio Dynamite, more laughter and screams, "Power Surge."

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Mar. 24
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