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- 04 / 14 / 90 -

Public Enemy, it's the end of the Radiothon, Mike Yuhas stops in to read the news with Eric, the importance of pledging to the station, recollection of "The Voice Of Long Island" in years past, the goal is to move the transmitter to twice its height, why the signal needs to be improved, a shooting rampage in a San Diego emergency room, Lithuania faces a deadline, trying to pronounce the Lithuanian president's name, confusion over how much money is needed to meet a goal, trouble in the Philippines, Greyhound bus shootings, The Doors, sound effects, Walter the dog is in the studio, station manager Norm Prusslin gives a summation of the efforts of the station over the past ten days, why Eric gives the area code last when giving the phone number, Mike gets attacked by Walter, talk of the "watermelon incident" yesterday, Jim Wiener has been at the station every day of the Radiothon, tickets to "Night of 100 Stars" are being offered, Jim talks about the danger of not pledging, Susan Davidson talks about some of the premiums that were obtained for the Radiothon, words about Theatre Three in Port Jefferson and the Fine Arts Center at Stony Brook, the importance of live theater, the goal is within reach for the entire fundraiser, an appeal to "Brain Damage" listeners, there's an Aztec Two Step concert tomorrow night at Stony Brook, Rob Franza talks about the importance of listeners, Frank Burgert discusses reception issues, continuing concern over the "watermelon incident," more startling developments in the Mapplethorpe controversy, why this is even scarier than the McCarthy days, an East Hampton shop owner is fined for displaying a distasteful poster under a 1985 Suffolk County obscenity law, the goal is attained, a woman is found in contempt of court for not wearing a bra during a hearing, a school in Eugene, Oregon refuses to allow students to lower the flag for AIDS victim Ryan White, The Grateful Dead is banned from the University of California at Berkeley and Stanford, an unarmed black youth in Teaneck, New Jersey is killed by police and mayhem ensues, tuna companies will no longer buy tuna from fisherman who trap dolphins, Rob wonders why nobody cares about the rights of tuna, staffmember Gordon Healey wins a major car race in eastern Long Island, Geri Zuckerman tells what it's like to be in a race car with Gordon, still waiting for the Hubble space telescope to be launched, the United States modifies its policy on people with AIDS being allowed into the country, Don Lukenbill talks about the importance of this change, a show recently aired about local artists who have gotten airplay on WUSB, how all of the examples of rights being curtailed have come from today's paper, a caller has a bad driving experience in Belle Terre, the unfairness of not being allowed to enjoy the view, advice on how to deal with authority figures, "Jimmy MacDexter" stops by, unintentional reverb, the danger to sea turtles during tuna hunts, the advantage of reading, the logic of people who want to impose censorship, 97 percent of all the media is owned by 20 corporations, Mike brings in a huge clock that operates at four million hertz, the final amount raised for the Radiothon is $25,355.

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Apr. 14
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- 04 / 21 / 90 -

"Stardate," applause, a bunch of songs by The Specials, the similarity in theme to the band and the show, 50,000 people march in New York City in a demonstration by Haitians to protest blood donation policy, a similar demonstration at Stony Brook, a Suffolk County Community College professor is accused of making racist remarks, Andy Rooney is suspended from "60 Minutes" for similar remarks, the Long Island Railroad begins a policy that only allows ticketholders into their waiting area at Penn Station, calling an operator to ask about AT&T's plan to start service to Albania, Radiothon volunteer David shows up in the studio, tomorrow is Earth Day, there was a "Voice Of Long Island" reunion show a week ago yesterday, the first episode of The Tripod Family to air later, comments about "Twin Peaks," how the homeless problem has grown since 1980, class warfare in the United States, the Supreme Court upholds state laws that make possession of child pornography illegal, questions as to whether paintings could also be made illegal, the danger such laws could pose, more talk of the homeless, a caller is interrupted by her mother, Eric's experience near Tompkins Square Park, what New York is like in the middle of the night, another experience in Washington Square Park, antagonism between the public and cops, trying to hear Susan in the other room, going back to an old radio serial from 1981, The Tripod Family: the Tripods adjust to life in their new home, Earth Day promo, the sound of the Tripods fast forwarding, a Southern Baptist community on Long Island, the challenges of being an artist, the school system in Germany, the large amount of repetition on Long Island, potential ways to help the homeless, a recycled napkins story, how public concern makes a difference, the Brazilian rain forests, hypocrisy of some Earth Day participants, Eric's experience chasing a car with a cat on the roof, problems with Domino's Pizza, measuring companies' concern for the environment, the defeated plastics ban in Suffolk County, Don's feelings on environmental issues, piles of garbage outside McDonald's, Earth Day events, "Power Surge."

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Apr. 21
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- 04 / 28 / 90 -

Valerie Jean, Poi Dog Pondering promo, dead air, Poi Dog Pondering ID, The Selecter, "Soviet Mass Media Review" - developments in Lithuania, an upcoming summit between the Soviet Union and the United States, debate over the KGB building, emigration from the USSR, The Skatalites, Woody Allen, Desmond Dekker, it's about 100 degrees in the studio, free tickets to Reggae Sunsplash, Big Audio Dynamite, Mike the building manager explains why the studio has to be hot, Arbor Day events, a prairie dog shooting contest, looking to verify the existence of Nucla, Colorado, calling directory assistance to find the Ten Ring Gun Club, what it must be like to live in a place where not much happens, "Twin Peaks" faces an uncertain future, the ratings soar for the first episode of The Tripod Family last week, a live phone interview with Blanche Forthright who plays Cathy Tripod in the series, Jonathan Ogilarch was the only character to play himself and he also financed the series, rumors of a Tripod reunion, the stormy relationship with Wilburn LeRose who played Howard Tripod, remembering "The Voice Of Long Island," how ratings work in noncommercial radio, why Blanche's voice is different in the early episodes, The Tripod Family: opening the letter, soca music, the first true day of spring, Bush hasn't had time to do the damage Reagan did, Susan's predictions on future leaders, opening a fortune cookie live on the air, plans to call Riverhead "the big potato," complaints about the appearance of the campus, why universities are the center of attention in times of trouble, Eric's years at Stony Brook, philosophy of higher education, facts about prairie dogs, a mail bomb is sent to Pat Robertson, the preponderance of religious radio, why people aren't encouraged to find strength in themselves, a photo of John Lennon is banned from an exhibit, the line between art and pornography, a caller talks about changing esthetics in New York, a prediction for the Queensboro Bridge, questions on the location of Manuel Noriega, why it's not right to invade a foreign country and abduct their leaders, a message to "Power Surge" listeners, questions about Frank Sinatra, Eric and Susan debate the merits of stereotyping, wondering if Nicaragua can use the Panama precedent to seize President Bush, why people who question policy should also carry the flag, a strange story involving Chinese people at an airport, "Power Surge."

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Apr. 28
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