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- 06 / 02 / 90 -

Jim Wiener, "Stardate," the 900 number promo is interrupted, the first airing of what will one day become the new theme, concern over whether Joel Block will get mad at the 900 number promo being yanked, Eric's been up for several days and is in a punchy mood, laughter, Eric's experience seeing "Powaqqatsi" in 1988, the plotting and scheming behind the scenes at WUSB, how Wallace Shawn could portray Jim Wiener in a TV series, more news on German reunification, East Germany won't enforce any border patrols effective July 1st, Eric's experience visiting East Germany, an audio comparison of West German and East German marks, trying to read something dramatic in front of Jim, a Coke fiasco, the "Colossal Coke Sale" signs at 7-11s, "Germany Today," an apology, Michelle Shocked, Jim has a proposal for a new name for Germany, Robert Klein, "cola water" in East Germany, an advertising disaster for Coca Cola, a possible civil war looms in the Soviet Union, a funny story involving fighter jets, Eric talks about the "attitude" in South Dakota, Eric was at a hacker meeting yesterday, the Robert Morris sentence won't be appealed, Eric's misadventure getting into the city for the 2600 meeting, the frustration of massive traffic jams, the possible future ramifications, the university paints the steps leading to the station, a soliloquy episode of the Tripods is coming up, a Gorbachev computer calls in, questions about payphones charging for directory assistance, new proposed charges by New York Telephone, ways of getting around some existing charges, Jim gives a feedback filled ID, The Tripod Family: Howard tries to find a way to get back to Whitney Island, The Dead Kennedys, readings from The Record newsletter from the PMRC, some of the members of the board, how people like Andrew Young could be affiliated with the PMRC, a Dear Abby column demonstrates how attacking offensive speech can be harmful, how Jesse Helms is harmful to art, the PMRC "media watch," the danger of record labeling, ways that parents can reach kids, a guide to some PMRC material and services, calling the PMRC, a legal ID from the computerized Gorbachev, contact info for the PMRC, the lack of any organized opposition, newspapers that refuse to print certain titles or listings, anti-abortion activist tactics, a look at the WBAI Folio that features a Robert Mapplethorpe photo on the cover, problems people have with male frontal nudity, the Rock Rating Report critiques controversial music, the threat that the PMRC could pose to shows like "Power Surge," anti-metal attitudes, the importance of fighting fire with fire, PMRC contact info, Raz has a fax machine, "Concert Billboard."

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June 2
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- 06 / 16 / 90 -

Valerie Jean, Bob Dylan, "Moscow Mailbag," the headphones don't seem to be working, potential problems with phone calls if the headphones aren't fixed, Bob Dylan, Eric finally finds working headphones, two members of 2 Live Crew are arrested in Florida after performing a rap show, record store owners are being arrested for selling the 2 Live Crew album, Eric buys the 2 Live Crew album, a selection from the album, wondering why these things always happen in the south, 2 Live Crew puts on a "clean" show, problems with the phones, Eric rewires the board live on the air, a call from the Stony Brook Press, the initial reaction to Public Enemy, a phone scandal hits the Town Hall in Southampton, the phone sex market, trying to get through to a 540 number from the campus, various phone sounds and recordings, how Southampton could have avoided the scandal, Eric missed the show last week, why Andrew Dice Clay isn't banned while 2 Live Crew is, why it's important to always be fighting for free speech, The Tripod Family: Cathy, Charlie, and Pop wonder what Howard is up to, "Holier Than Cow" promo, coal miners are called in by the Romanian government to battle rioters, journalists are attacked, wondering why the Romanian government was elected by such a landslide, how people in the United States seem to support destructive moves, why flag burning isn't harmful, we're midway down the road to McCarthyism, the missing children controversy seems to have died down, a computerized call, the homeless people have been kicked out of Penn Station, what happened when someone lit up a cigarette in Penn Station, a call for a ban on cigarette machines on Long Island, wondering if whatever happened last week got rid of all the listeners, a caller has a horrible sounding phone, the latest news from Albania, Eric lets Andrew Goldberger talk alone on the air while he goes to the record library to look for a King Missile record, Andrew talks about flag burning, what is a computer hacker, the threat that hackers face, Radiothon volunteer David has moved to Florida, information on 2600 Magazine, a caller argues against flag burning, why this has suddenly become an issue, how burning the flag after the Bensonhurst verdict may have prevented a riot, another 2 Live Crew song, dead air, "Power Surge."

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June 16
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- 06 / 23 / 90 -

[The tape apparently wasn't started until 22 minutes in.] A "name the mystery record" contest, Julee Cruise, attempting to get responses, Bay City Rollers, how songs get outdated, The Special AKA, a skip in the record, trying to track down Jim, Eric and Jim try to analyze the skip, a possible problem with the turntable, Eric tries to fix the tone arm, Eric describes what it was like at the Nelson Mandela rally at Yankee Stadium on Thursday, Billy Joel donated the sound system, the confusing seating system at Yankee Stadium, some of the celebrities who attended, what the steel drum band was like, the reaction to finally seeing Mandela on stage, words on racial tension in New York, Jim talks about the importance of dialogue, the small amount of press coverage, no coverage in Newsday at all, Mandela still can't vote in his own country, the work ahead in South Africa, Mandela is set to meet with Bush, other cities Mandela is visiting, a second clue to the mystery is coming up, The Special AKA, Julee Cruise, The Tripod Family: Howard talks to the strangers on the desert island, South African news: computer viruses, Eric is in the hot studio while Jim is in the air conditioned one, a major problem with the air conditioning on campus makes the radio station very unpleasant, countering cold words with hot ones, Eric tries to get WUSB in Brooklyn and finds Flavor Flav on WBAU instead, how Eric and a friend tracked down the radio station at Adelphi University and managed to hang out at White Castle with members of Public Enemy and NWA, how white people in Bensonhurst are listening to black music, Mike the building manager asks Eric not to talk about the heat, one of Raz's helpers calls in, the flag burning amendment fails, local representative George Hochbrueckner votes for the amendment, Roger Waters is playing in Berlin along with others this summer, Eric will be in California in July, Checkpoint Charlie is removed by crane, a final clue in the mystery record contest, chastising the audience for not getting the answer, questions and theories about "Twin Peaks," the complexities of various characters, a "Twin Peaks" soundtrack will be coming out, an alternate version of the pilot exists overseas, "Twin Peaks" will be on at the same time as "Brain Damage" in the fall, a call from Fire Island, Sacramento renames manholes to maintenance holes, the Reagan years added over 300,000 names to a list of people not allowed into the country, what happens to people who get denied entry, both Mandela and De Klerk are on hit lists, what 27 years in prison must have been like, questions about the new tower, why height is important, high school stations on Long Island, Eric has pretzels and iced tea in the hot studio while Jim has none in the air conditioned one, Eric explains the scientific principle behind pretzels, there are no more fans left, Christina talks about junior high school finals, Raz was stuck at the door for a half hour, extra time while Raz gets his head together, Julee Cruise, "Power Surge."

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June 23
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- 06 / 30 / 90 -

Dave Brown, "Stardate," "Soviet Mass Media Review," Billy Bragg, why it's nice to see albums like the new Billy Bragg release, who Phil Ochs was, a minor earthquake hits San Jose, news on severe thunderstorm warnings in other regions, Eric can't find the local weather forecast, it's July 1st in many parts of the world, East Germans start to use West German currency, Quebec, British Columbia, and Newfoundland consider secession from Canada, the director of an abortion clinic is excommunicated, the cassette deck malfunctions, performance artists face problems getting federal grants, a San Antonio reporter faces imprisonment for refusing to name a source, British newspapers face tough regulation due to sensationalism and privacy invasions, a nude photograph of a father and son is defined as pornography by the government, an anti-racism bill is passed in France, a special guest will be coming in, Eric has to fix a malfunctioning phone on the air, why does the church tell people about sex, how the science fiction Tripods have nothing to do with the original series, why are more stores being put up when so many are vacant, the Purple Plum is out of business, Suffolk County makes land purchases to help preserve the drinking water, Eric can't sit through 15 hours of opera, how standards have become a lot more strict, how black artists are victimized by censorship more than white artists, WUSB is accused of being uptight about playing Zappa songs, Frank Zappa, The Tripod Family: the family discusses chicken frankfurters and Uncle Jonathan pays a visit, Frank Zappa, Paul from Holland stops in, Eric has been showing Paul this part of the country, Eric's car is broken into in New York City, Paul's impressions of the United States, what the Netherlands is like compared to the United States, why there seems to be more open space in Holland, the lack of foreign television in the United States, questions about the government of Holland, why are there only two parties in the United States, the metric system, the confusion of the sales tax system to foreigners, Holland versus The Netherlands, looking for suggestions on what to show foreigners, more problems with the phones, some of the highlights of New York, a call from Mike's Place in Middle Island, the Citroen is scheduled to go out of production later this summer after 42 years, a Citroen has been spotted in Stony Brook, Eric and Paul go to a mall, a caller remembers visiting Italy in 1967, old Italian trains, a caller rails against fuel injection, the mixing of the old and the new in Europe, the East German cars that cause massive pollution, how the unification of Germany will affect the rest of Europe, what the economic union of Europe will mean, the perception of the Soviet Union from a Dutch perspective, the importance of Gorbachev and his new policies, controversial issues in Europe, it took Eric three days to change his windshield wiper blade, more comments on fuel injection, end cut off.

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June 30
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