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- 07 / 07 / 90 -

Valerie Jean, "Stardate," calling Phonemail and entering the WUSB voice mailbox to hear a special reminder, "Germany Today" - more transitions as unification approaches, Clock DVA, sound effects, trying to call overseas information in Albania, Jeff Rossen from the station calls in with nothing to say, the Albania government allows its citizens to emigrate to other countries, Albania refugees stream into various embassies, what people did over the 4th of July, touch tone chess, no episode of The Tripods this week, Eric is going on vacation, no shows until August, a couple of special guests, guilty people who plead innocent, the biggest problems facing the country, a call from Tom Baker from the station, fireworks at the Smith Haven Mall last Sunday, looking for headphones for the special guest, a call from someone locked on campus, a chemical plant blows up in Texas, questions about placement of stores in the mall, American flags handed out to people at the fireworks show all said "Made in China," ideas for practical ways to prevent flag burning, a wave of cynicism on the show, Eric takes his Dutch friends to the multiplex, the price of movies, Blockbuster Video is popping up everywhere, born again Christians supposedly own Blockuster, a challenge to their customers, Representative Hochbrueckner's image, critique of Legislator Steve Englebright, Rop from Amsterdam is in town, who Rop is, a pirate radio station in Holland, the difference in radio in the two countries, cable radio, Eric and Rop spent a great deal of time exploring New York City yesterday, the immigration form Rop had to fill in on his way to the United States, why the United States is so much more paranoid about immigrants than other countries, a call for a copy of the "pink" form, every town Eric visited in Europe had a McDonald's, how CNN in Europe is different, ways of getting foreign music into the United States, a description of the Dutch hacker magazine Hack-Tic, Eric tries to demonstrate operator ignorance to Rop, getting various country codes, trying to find out the country code for the United States, there's no such thing as local operators in Holland, calling New York Telephone's automated repair service, how the system sometimes doesn't work, making an automated collect call, calling the automated credit service, how it takes longer to get an operator than in the past, how automation is giving directory assistance operators less and less to do, more differences and similarities between the United States and Holland, some of the lesser known political parties in the United States, only 28 percent of the voters elected Ronald Reagan in 1984, Louisiana defeats an extremely restrictive abortion bill, a call for Dutch speaking callers, a song by Peter, Paul, and Mary about Nelson Mandela, Rop requests a sonic boom, Eric and Rop will be exploring California, the equipment at the station is falling apart, thoughts on racism, no idea who will be filling in during the next month or so, "Concert Billboard."

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July 7
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