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- 08 / 18 / 90 -

Valerie Jean, "Stardate," "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," phone sounds, information operators, some tape warbling to 8:30, Eric's been away for five weeks, how it's not so easy to see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" anymore, weather, the weirdness of weather in California, Eric almost missed a hurricane, "Soviet Mass Media Review" - Soviet reaction to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Soviet/Albanian relations, more music from "Rocky Horror," sound effects, "Germany Today" - Roger Waters, Shelley Thunder ID, an appeal not to call in, Don Letts sends in a new song, Eric visits Big Bear City which happens to be near "Twin Peaks," hostility seems to be the theme in Big Bear City, a brief recap of the last episode of The Tripods, the premiere of the first Screaming Target record, what it's like to come back home after being away for so long, pedestrians have the right of way in California, how to have fun with this law, Eric visits Mexico for the first time and discovers that everything he was told about it was wrong, the peacefulness of Mexico, driving down Baja California, what it was like to return to the United States just as cries for war were starting to be heard, Pink Floyd, shortwave excerpts on the Gulf crisis, The Tripod Family: Howard starts to get impatient on the desert island and meets another stranger, another new song from Screaming Target, the quickly escalating crisis in the Gulf, how the Iraq situation ties into the theory of the United States needing new enemies, $1.2 billion has already been spent, a listener claims the show has been really boring over the past couple of weeks, feedback, no room is being given to Saddam Hussein, why is the United States taking such an interest, how heavy-handedness ultimately won't work, the risk of nuclear weapons being used, memories of the Stark incident and the United States shooting down of an Iranian commercial airliner, quotes from a Peter Jennings interview on the nuclear option, how other countries may be affected, trying to understand the United States push to war, how the United Nations can be used to come to a peaceful solution, the parallels of Panama and Kuwait, resentment against Kuwait in the rest of the Arab world, meetings at the sundial, how the press is buying into the war spirit, a funny Ted Koppel/Barbara Walters show, the "hostages" in Iraq, why people are uninformed, the unity of the entire world against the actions of Iraq, the fear of chemical weapons being used, potential Arab backlash against the United States presence, why simply getting rid of Saddam Hussein won't solve the problem, so far the death toll is one, comparisons to Hitler, the rising gas prices, the need for Americans to stop wasting resources, potential Iraqi threats, the nuclear power issue, Chris Crowley from the station calls in, the Union building was fumigated today, a dub version of the Screaming Target single, "Power Surge."

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Aug. 18
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- 08 / 25 / 90 -

Jim Wiener, "Stardate," busy signal, a bulletin from a tomato weigh-in, "Moscow Mailbag," screaming, Bob Dylan, Judas Priest is found not responsible for the suicide of two youths, Eric finds the Judas Priest album in question without the record, a call for listeners to bring in the record, Judas Priest, Eric tries to help Steve Kreitzer with a computer problem live on the air, Jim begins to talk backwards, Steve has a complaint about Jim's evil twin, kids are supposed to stop listening at 11 pm, the danger of saying "do it" on a record, a call from Sammy, the effect of backward masking, how people wind up losing part of their bail even if they're found not guilty, Sammy asks about all the old callers, Eric tells Jim about Mexico, the fun of renting a car with unlimited mileage, the advantage of being part of American Youth Hostels, what Hollywood was like, the different kinds of Denny's that exist in Los Angeles, the bad service at Denny's, a trip to the Hollywood sign, an encounter with a helicopter, Jim claims to know the original name of Hollywood, WUSB gets a new phone number that enables people to listen in live, finding out the cost of a phone call from 718 to 516, feedback, calculating the cost over a three hour period, Eric gets an automated pitch to dial an expensive 540 number, the potential for WUSB to be heard all over the world, The Tripod Family: Howard returns home to find everything has changed, John Lennon, words about dissent towards Bush policy, the need to work things out diplomatically, trying to call Iraq using various carriers, some tape warbling, trying to get through to directory assistance in Baghdad, a call from Andrew Goldberger with a changed voice, Andrew talks about his trip to Paris, how Paris can seem like a hostile environment, the Madonna concert in Paris, the war hungry mentality, protests on the Island, more on the Judas Priest trial, more tape warbling, subliminal messages in old films, the silence of the United States when Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons, the attention paid to the oil fields, Big Audio Dynamite, the importance of finding a diplomatic solution, "Power Surge."

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Aug. 25
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