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- 10 / 06 / 90 -

Jim Wiener, "Brain Damage" promo, "Stardate," the wealth of stereophonic recorded music, sounds of the end of the record, there's a fly in the console, a WUSB benefit is taking place downstairs, Negativland, Kevin Novotny reports from a live broadcast downstairs featuring three hardcore bands (Norman Bates and the Showerheads, Yuppicide, and Big Nurse), an interview with a member of Big Nurse, Steve Kreitzer takes tickets live on the air, Eric and Kevin watch the door, a rundown of some of the other shows on WUSB, an interview with Yuppicide, other radio stations that play this kind of music, a fake British accent, Mike the building manager gives his perspective on how the show is going, what slamdancing is, Jim Wiener comes down to the show looking for Burl Ives, Jim tries to walk out the Union door without hurting himself, there's a mystery phantom engineer running the board, Kevin finds someone on the guest list, definition of "the pit," former "Brain Damage" caller Seth reports on the status of Chris Crowley in Massachusetts, what rap means to this crowd, Eric is warned not to mess with a 10th grader, what Ward Melville High School is like now, a rundown of everyone who's passing by, Kevin broadcasts live from the pit, Eric tries to communicate with Kevin from upstairs, Negativland, The Tripod Family: Charlie and Pop work on Charlie's Bulgarian car, Negativland, the White House press office, no actuality, people are running through the station at high speeds, a budget battle looms on Capitol Hill, all kinds of sites in Washington are shutting down as a result, calling the Washington Monument, Jordan reacts to Saudi actions, Christopher Columbus is denounced in a Native American parade, how is Columbus Day supposed to be celebrated?, a caller has negative memories of Norman Bates, the record store owner who was prosecuted for selling a 2 Live Crew record is found guilty, the Mapplethorpe trial comes to an end, David Duke is running for the U.S. Senate and has a chance of winning, Andrew Goldberger reports on a German politician who supports nazism, Andrew gets a job, update on the transmitter move, admonishing listeners for listening to the wrong station, thoughts on the new Iron Maiden album, Eric runs out of things to say, why Raz won't play Iron Maiden, the difference between metal and death metal, screaming in the other studio, wondering why people hang up after waiting on the phone, a caller gives names of his neighbors, talk of censorship, nothing happened during the 70s, Eric gives advice to a caller to improve the sound of his phone, the welfare system, how New York Telephone rips people off by counting a quarter as a nickel, why nudity is such an issue, there are ants on the console, demands for money from a payphone, Mike tries to explain the infestation of insects, a flurry of calls about a kid who needs to take a shower, Raz urges people to boycott gas, Negativland, "Concert Billboard," breaking glass.

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Oct. 6
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- 10 / 13 / 90 -

"Stardate," Citizens' Planning Board announcement on opposition to the construction of the Breslin Mall in Yaphank which is likely to be approved Monday, "Germany Today" - reunification becomes a reality, giving Germany one more chance, Eric describes the latest record he's fallen in love with, Crispin Hellion Glover, calling the Crispin Hellion Glover hotline, Eric's experience driving through a massive rainstorm, how it always seems to rain on Stony Brook's outdoor events, a special message to the guy driving in front of Eric on the way to the station, The Tripods are based on reality, the difference between a shower and "numerous" showers, "isolated" thundershowers, Citizens' Planning Board announcement, what today's demonstration against the mall was like, condemnation of all of the lame excuses for not showing up, the threat to Suffolk County from overdevelopment, the importance of skipping work or school to go to Monday's meeting, why the need for jobs doesn't outweigh the cost of building another mall, support for the demonstrators from young people, why a mall defeats the whole purpose of living on the East End, how older people seemed to be hostile to the demonstrators, the ozone hole reopens over Antarctica, the need to sometimes make a big sacrifice, how easy it is to be convinced that your opinions don't matter, Citizens' Planning Board announcement, reading from a leaflet advocating opposition to the mall, an invitation to call Wilbur Breslin himself, definition of "self interest," the NIMBY syndrome, The Tripod Family: Cathy returns home and learns about Howard, Alternative Cinema at Stony Brook promo, changing light patterns on the phones, why WUSB doesn't pick up the phones in advance, Eric's shoes got soaked on the way in, the Ku Klux Klan imitates "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood," Jeff Rossen from "The Ron Phillips Show" calls in to explain how he was embarrassed a couple of weeks ago, what happened when a Gallery Girl came up to the station, whether any laws were broken when Jeff was given a copy of a porno magazine, the reaction at Hauppauge High School, Eric's reaction to the changing world, how it always rains during Homecoming, trying to figure out who Ron Francis is, a caller talks about a lousy metal show on WBAB, a McDonald's scam involving a 900 number, predictions on the World Series, the curse of Babe Ruth that's kept Boston from winning the World Series since before 1920, the famous Game Six with the Mets in 1986, Eric doesn't want to talk about the new Slayer album, the difference between the new Rolm phone system on campus and the old system, how the phone system charges before calls are picked up, how cable TV is being forced on students, nearly all incoming calls get busy signals in the evenings, modem use is disabled, emergency phones and free campus phones, the use of boycotts against radio stations, how boycotts can cause harm to controversial programming, how malls aren't considered public space, strength in numbers, a Roman Catholic high school adds the words "for the born and unborn" to the Pledge of Allegiance, why Eric likes rain, a support group for people with flooded basements, school spirit, jocks with bad attitudes, all of the different groups in schools, Eric's experience at Clemson, a caller describes a song he got from "Turmoil," another benefit concert is set for the 27th, Sex Pistols.

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Oct. 13
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- 10 / 20 / 90 -

"Stardate," WUSB benefit promo (The Lie Detectors, Citizen's Arrest, Seizure), Alternative Cinema at Stony Brook promo, "Germany Today" - reunification and the effects on the EC, previewing the Charles Manson song from the Crispin Hellion Glover record, side two of the Crispin Hellion Glover record, rumors of a frost tonight, Eric's adventure involving a fire truck after last week's show, a road collapse in Stony Brook because of the heavy rains, overflowing water from the campus crosses the train tracks into the village, a Newsday account, Brookhaven Town gives the go-ahead for the new mall, news, the unfairness of expecting people who make over $300,000 a year to pay more taxes, the verdict is innocent in the 2 Live Crew trial, support fades for the administration's Gulf policy, WUSB benefit promo, The Tripod Family: the family and Charlie argue about actors while Uncle Jonathan loses his hearing, "Music View" promo, what happened at the Town Planning Board meeting last Monday, the board refuses to let the public speak at the hearing, what happened at the Town Board meeting the following night, an article in Newsday on the controversy, how word of the meeting was kept hidden from the public, Rich DiDonato of WUSB is quoted in Newsday, the first mall approval on the island since 1967, why Wilbur Breslin isn't the real problem, how Shoreham managed to be shut down by the people of Suffolk, the proposed hypermarket in Setauket that was also stopped, how easy it is to make a difference, how Newsday is misrepresenting the situation, Eric gives a statement in front of the Town Board concerning the definition of planning, Cincinnati wins the World Series against Oakland, the vast amount of vacant stores in the county, the importance of preserving the drinking water, suspicion of the motives of the Town Planning Board, bringing children into this world, how one person can influence others, the turning point in the Shoreham fight, the outro cart isn't cued up.

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Oct. 20
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- 10 / 27 / 90 -

Jim Wiener, Daylight Savings Time ends later tonight, Operation Earth PSA, "Stardate" with bad sound, checking future "Stardates" for bad sound, Jim's show was only 17 minutes tonight, another benefit concert is in progress downstairs, Eric tries to kill a fly on the air, attempting to start a new Halloween tradition with "The Further Adventures of Nick Danger," the fly lands on the microphone, Firesign Theatre, Julee Cruise, Stoneyhaven News: Halloween and Election Day, Woody Guthrie, The Tripod Family: the family, Charlie, and Uncle Jonathan continue their conversation, Jim Ross bluegrass promo, the New York City Transit Authority changes its policy on pennies, New York Telephone wants The Bronx to become part of the 917 area code while New York City wants it to join 718, 516 is nowhere close to being filled up, a prominent Albanian writer defects, the Forest Service is fooled into thinking recent rock carvings were ancient relics, charges are dismissed against two men holding hands in a car, Ron Kovic makes an antiwar commercial, problems with the phones as Eric performs surgery on the air, the importance of trees, the budget issue seems to have been settled, a violent melee outside the Daily News distribution plant in Brooklyn, Mike the building manager reports on the concert downstairs, the Haitian Student Organization protests the blood drive policy and manages to shut the entire thing down, a caller complains about being hung up on, Kevin arrives out of breath after banging on the door, abusive callers, Julee Cruise, "Power Surge."

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Oct. 27
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