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- 11 / 10 / 90 -

Dave Brown, "Stardate," "Moscow Mailbag," a rather long public service announcement, Charlie's Dance Mix, the lack of exuberance, the possibility of a chemical attack on Israel and a nuclear response, how an upcoming war could rejuvenate Veteran's Day, the prospect of losing 30,000 troops in the opening moments of the war, a chilly weather forecast, the FBI is found to have kept a file on Pablo Picasso, Operation Earth public service announcement, the importance of letting people know they can make a difference, expressing appreciation to the mailman, some of the marvels of nature, Eric gets a new car stereo, two kids in Staten Island are accused of causing $2.4 million damage to the voice mail system of a games company, demonstrating the Rolm Phonemail system, how the company most likely was using default passwords, looking up the number for Games Pro Magazine, playing with their voice mail system, Eric wasn't on last week, no phone calls unless there's a full switchboard, Operation Earth public service announcement, The Tripod Family: Howard tells his story to the family, Operation Earth public service announcement, 5,000 people on Long Island sign an antiwar petition, an editorial on the rush to war, 500,000 troops will be in the Gulf region by the end of the year, how the goals seem to have changed from when troops were sent in to prevent an invasion of Saudi Arabia in August, other countries that could be attacked because of U.S. policy, a rundown of military enrollment, the issue of oil, the positive aspect of public reaction, 46 people have already died in the Gulf for various reasons, Eric is no friend of Saddam Hussein, a call from Sammy, WUSB's on-air line, The Band is playing at Stony Brook tonight, Eric's had a bad cold, putting the amount of people involved in the Gulf buildup in perspective, the threat of being drafted as it relates to WUSB listeners, the weirdness of Selective Service, trying to understand rising gas prices, comparing Hussein to Hitler, Meir Kahane is murdered, the strangeness of the Israeli army opening fire on people throwing stones, the PLO shows video of Temple Mount violence to the United Nations Security Council, Mike the building manager inspects Eric's new radio and has trouble being heard, trying to get Mike's voice from another studio, how the death of Kahane will affect the situation in the Middle East, a renewed effort to build nuclear weapons, the King of Nepal strips himself of power and imposes democracy, a caller questions whether Israel is an ally, trying to make the outro sound better, "Concert Billboard," "Power Surge."

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Nov. 10
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- 11 / 17 / 90 -

"Brain Damage" promo, Jim Wiener, "Stardate," Julee Cruise, "Twin Peaks" is on right now, Eric sees Julee Cruise in concert, all of the tape recorders in the studio are set to the slowest possible speed, Jim is caught eating on the air, a fan is left on, Jim reports on service eliminations on the Long Island Railroad including shutting down Penn Station during overnight hours, a possible shutdown of subway service as well, the absurdity of spending so much money preparing for a war when vital services back home are being shut down, Grand Central Station is currently shut down during overnight hours, the Long Island Railroad is the only commuter line in the country to offer 24 hour service and is also the busiest, Jim has a long history of causing trouble, "Soviet Viewpoint," "Germany Today" - all-Germany elections on the horizon, trade barriers to be lifted within Europe in 1993, the future of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, a wobbling tape, Eric claims to be the first one to play "Alice's Restaurant" this week, Arlo Guthrie, playing the record through to the very end, special celebrity guests, Andrew Goldberger and Rick visit the studio, messages from fellow high school students, Andrew and friends have been handing out flyers about "Brain Damage," a new exciting feature will premiere tonight, a look at the news, Margaret Thatcher faces a challenger, the first episode of What's For Lunch?, The Tripod Family: the family tries to figure out where to live and what to eat, Julee Cruise, some of the changes in Andrew's life since the last time he was at the station, Eric's history as a busboy, similarities between Iraq and Israel, the views of a nine-year-old, the response of the left to the threat of war, the Navy and the Marines come to the Student Union building, Andrew gets a call from someone in his Spanish class, outbursts on the air, comments on a deck hockey game involving a team called the Wolverines, what should be done with Saddam Hussein, the importance of solving the Palestinian issue, a particular tone of voice knocks certain callers off the air, how Kuwait antagonized Saddam Hussein, Jim Doomsayer calls for the opening of Shoreham, the wastefulness of American culture, criticism of Operation Rescue, memories of Mr. Radio, Rick is Murray the Psychic, a scandal involving Milli Vanilli, how soldiers are being seen more as individuals than in the past, more on the proposed mall, the frustration of protesting.

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Nov. 17
brain_damage__19901117.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19901117.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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- 11 / 24 / 90 -

"Stardate," busy signal, various soundbites, an "interview" with the Phonemail lady, "Moscow Mailbag," a surprising joke from Radio Moscow, an exciting contest ahead, Kraftwerk, trying to get the country code for East Germany, a foreign force approaches, "Sweden Today," Swedish reaction to events in Iraq, questions as to whether Sweden will join the EC, Sweden's Stonehenge, a tone, a contest for people who want to predict what will happen in the Middle East between now and January 31, Boogie Down Productions, a Santa Claus picket line at a mall, the smell of rotten eggs hovers over parts of Nassau County, members of Menudo are arrested for drug possession, the war on marijuana, the threat of a newer strain of the AIDS virus called HIV2, how a mere $60 million could make a difference, Operation Desert Shield is forcing soldiers to postpone retirement, What's For Lunch?, The Tripod Family: Howard and Cathy look at a new house with Charlie's cousin Herb, Mario Cuomo ID, a call for predictions on the situation in the Gulf, Confuse The Operator: finding the country code for Iraq and calling an Iraqi, difficulty reaching Iraq, Gabe Pressman ID, the delay system is implemented, the contest begins, callers give predictions on what lies ahead, the level of opposition to military action in the Gulf, Eric goes to the Thanksgiving Day parade and reports on what happens to the balloons after the parade is over, how Macy's is closed during its own parade, Eric denies the existence of the delay system, trying to reach Kuwait, the inability to choose long distance companies through the university phone system, trying to call collect to Iraq and Kuwait, the IOC operator, a special recording, more predictions, James Baker says it's about jobs, reports of wounded soldiers, a computerized message from Milli Vanilli, a suggestion for a new name for Kuwait, Raz makes a prediction on what will happen, Billy Bragg, "Concert Billboard."

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Nov. 24
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