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- 12 / 01 / 90 -

Dave Brown, WUSB license renewal announcement, WUSB holiday records promo, "Stardate," various sound effects, an off hook tone, things slow down and speed up and repeat, the addictiveness of pot, "Germany Today," speed problems with the tape, everything in the studio seems to be broken, it's Dub Day at Stony Brook, the sound of a sick tape machine, a master dub session from a 1983 edition of "The Voice of Long Island," calling Mike Yuhas in Milwaukee, a rundown of what's broken, the weirdness of French food, Eric's first experience with yogurt, Mike explains why he was asleep so early in the evening, weird interference on the FM dial, playing the dub session over the phone, Mike's radio show in Milwaukee, Mike does the weather forecast on Jim Dexter's show every Tuesday morning on WUSB, "Moscow Mailbag," speculation on whether or not the moon is full, an appeal to anyone who might be listening from outside the normal listening area due to atmospheric conditions, an update on the space shuttle Columbia, it's the eve of the first all-German elections, Eric thinks he saw Erich Honecker in the mall, controversy over Arizona's refusal to make Martin Luther King Day a holiday, transit workers threaten to strike because copies of the strikebound Daily News are being sold in the subway, Eric's experience finding the Daily News in a local store, how people don't seem to be buying it, technical trouble with the Tripods, The Tripod Family: the family continues to look for a new house, Sobering Thoughts on pot, more Sobering Thoughts all at once, how anti-drug announcements try to link pot to AIDS, checking in on the dub session, some delay confusion, repeating audio, What's For Lunch?, the signal really sucks tonight, trying to call Baghdad, the abundance of problems tonight, G Quad has no hot water until Sunday. [The last half hour is missing.]

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Dec. 1
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- 12 / 08 / 90 -

Jim Wiener, the death of Aaron Copland, "Stardate," Eric on the telephone, The Motors, a report on John Lennon and Beatlemania from the early 60s, "Nobody Told Me," the tenth anniversary of Lennon's death almost to the minute, excerpts from a special done in 1979 by Eric and Gary Pecorino will be featured throughout the evening, an appeal to request different selections than the normal commercial fare associated with Lennon, a live rendition of "Come Together," "Rain," from the old Lennon special: Eric and Gary analyze Beatle songs from the mid 60s, Side Two of an alternative album Lennon put out in 1968 called "Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With The Lions," Zapple Records, reading from the inner sleeve, a look at the news, hostages are allowed to leave Iraq, "Baker in Baghdad," trying to figure out opposition to a peace conference, trouble on the space shuttle Columbia, the Galileo spacecraft does a flyby of Earth, civil unrest in Romania, demands to hand over Erich Honecker, memories of what happened at the radio station ten years ago, from the old Lennon special: controversy over a Beatles cover by Roger Whittaker, "I'm Only Sleeping," from the old Lennon special: the Jesus controversy, "Revolution 9," playing part of "Revolution 9" backwards, "Give Peace A Chance," how Lennon's survivors and fans observed the anniversary, "The Ballad of John and Yoko," from the old Lennon special: the "Two Virgins" cover, an outtake of "Mean Mr. Mustard," "Instant Karma," talking over the commercial pieces, a National Lampoon piece called "Magical Misery Tour," "Working Class Hero," an interview with John and Yoko from 1971, "New York City," Eric was driving around New York City late last night, an alternate version of "Imagine," there will be a regular call-in show next week, "Whatever Gets You Through The Night," "Concert Billboard."

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Dec. 08
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- 12 / 15 / 90 -

"Stardate," WUSB holiday records promo, the WUSB holiday records hotline, "Moscow Mailbag," "Germany Today," speed problems with the tape, George Winston, Eric talks over the record, a backup method that will get around the broken phone system, trying to get things working, Mike the building manager helps to set up something on a voice mail system, entering the Phonemail system, a humorous message that's being passed around the campus, everyone dialing in will get a busy signal because of phone problems, an 800 number is set up to bypass the system, What's For Lunch?, strange names for buildings at Stony Brook, testing out the 800 number, a phone recording, more problems, George Winston, a computer on the other side of the country is responsible for the latest phone snafu, The Tripod Family: Howard and Cathy try to decide where to go for their vacation, Jeff Croton is filling in for Don Topeka, George Winston, Operation Earth public service announcement, George Winston, disagreement over the date of direct talks with Iraq, Bill Fox drops in wearing full boy scout regalia, Bill shows off his business card, rumors as to whether Bill will be returning to the airwaves, Confuse The Operator: trying to find anyone who knows what the country code for the United States is, Bill compares the United States country code to the coordinates of Earth in "Star Trek," Operation Earth public service announcement, WUSB holiday records promo, an apology to the listeners for all of the technical problems, Bill will be filling in for Raz, David Cassidy, a record skip, "Concert Billboard," "Power Surge."

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Dec. 15
brain_damage__19901215.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19901215.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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- 12 / 22 / 90 -

"Stardate," criticism of the new "Stardate" music, the "makeup show" for last week, some surprises tonight, the tape from Holland is on backwards, "Sweden Today," the Mike Yuhas line is ringing, Mike is in from Milwaukee, a weather alert with the wrong date, Mike had difficulty landing at MacArthur Airport due to all the fog, "Radio Nederlands," new radio stations in Eastern Europe, Andrew Goldberger is in the studio, a special guest from Kiev named Sasja tells of the differences in celebrating the holidays in the Soviet Union, the differences in schools, Ukraine nationalists, encouraging listeners to write in to Radio Moscow, "Moscow Mailbag," the large amounts of tapes tonight, a rundown of the problems last week, the special 800 number is extended to this week's show, The Tripod Family: a decision is reached on where the Tripods will spend their vacation, Jeff Croton is filling in for Don Topeka, this may have been the Emmy winning episode, preparation for an upcoming war, a bus plunge in Mexico, Greg Lake ID, Bob Hope was interviewed last week on WUSB, a call from Christina, all men are phlegm, questioning whether a war will begin on January 15, possibly the first time in history the date for a war is announced in advance, possible changes at McDonald's, a controversy involving a caller and her boots, Jim Doomsayer, Eric is interviewed in the Stony Brook Press, a definition of hacking, the weather has been disappointing for this time of year, some weird weather nationwide, all of the buildings on campus have been closed to save money, how energy continues to be wasted at the university, Raz is missing, the Hotline of Doom focuses on the coming end of the world, trying to hack their voice mail system, still no sign of Raz, the confusion caused by delay, people who dream in color, the regular number is back in service, Greg Lake ID, "Concert Billboard" is missing, "Power Surge."

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Dec. 22
brain_damage__19901222.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19901222.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19901222-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19901222-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3


- 12 / 29 / 90 -

Jim Wiener, "Stardate," a misadventure on a subway train in New York Friday, Jim explains the Flatbush connection, the 9 and Z trains, what it must have been like for the people in the train that was filling with smoke, the weirdness of subway announcements, how snow managed to cause the fire, the Long Island Railroad, comparing dogs to trains, a train wreck in Boston on the same day as the New York subway mishap, Jim describes a train misadventure he also had on the same day, what happens when the plumbing on trains runs out of water, toilet and train sound effects, plans to do something in three weeks when Jim is back, something is about to happen that hasn't happened in 110 years, "Moscow Mailbag," Russian schools, Elvis Costello, Grateful Dead New Year's Eve broadcast promo, a sound effects CD, phone bills will be going up as of January 1, how it could have been a lot worse, no more free directory assistance except from payphones, calling an operator to verify this, touch tone fees will be decreasing, a clarification of what this means, the NRA tries to get the Supreme Court to lift a ban on privately owned fully automatic machine guns, the anniversary of a massacre in the United States, calling information to get the phone number of the radio station, getting the wrong number, getting the wrong information operator, proof that directory assistance can cross area code boundaries, The Tripod Family: Howard and Cathy race to meet the ocean liner to France, "Polka Country USA" promo, more from the sound effects CD, Japanese food at the station, Eric's friend Seth is in the studio, more on what happened during yesterday's subway mayhem, the horrendous rescue effort, budgetary constraints, the university is shut down, how wasting money overseas adds to the problem, Albania in the news, the most primitive society in Europe, demanding participation from the listeners, a caller gives out the phone number for the Iraqi embassy, a call for the number of the United States embassy in Iraq, a WBAI listener calls in, how police in the TV show "Cops" always appear to be arrogant, how things are literally falling apart, how the holiday season makes malls tolerable, Andrew Goldberger gets the answer to the riddle right, there will be two palindrome years in the near future, rate increases at the post office, people are seeing through the rhetoric of the Iraq situation, trying to figure out alternative ways to solve the problem, Confuse The Operator: getting the number for Eastern Airlines, calling Eastern Airlines to book a flight to Baghdad, other Baghdads in the United States, advertisements while on hold, "Concert Billboard," "Power Surge" promo, "Power Surge."

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Dec. 29
brain_damage__19901229.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19901229.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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