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- 03 / 02 / 91 -

Disconnecting from Phonemail, searching for Jim Wiener, Eric has Easter chocolate, Eric discovers a plant section in New York City, the prevalence of UPC codes, Eric sees King Missile in the city, Clash songs and remixes, the end of the war, Billy Bragg, the ultimate price of war, the extremely high casualty figure, the offensiveness of having a parade to celebrate, the United States pledges not to help Iraq rebuild, a panel on war coverage at a radio station convention reveals the importance of the press, an appeal for people to stop picking up the phones in the studio, where the "new world order" phrase comes from, some stories from the front line, a possible resumption of normal programming next week, an Electric Light Orchestra antiwar song, Kibret following.

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Mar. 2
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- 03 / 09 / 91 -

Dave Brown, peace movement promo, "Stardate," Phonemail recordings, Yoko Ono, "Moscow Mailbag," "Germany Today," technical oddities, Julee Cruise, Eric's turn signal problems, strange sound effects, What's For Lunch?, porkabobs, Tripods returning with two episodes, The Tripod Family: on the way to France on the ocean liner, peace movement promo, possibility that the war isn't over, why the Republican Guards don't seem to ever attack Americans, Eric complains about soft news, homecomings, the Daily News cuts back, a summation of the Tripod plot so far, The Tripod Family: trying to solve the mystery of the stranger, sound effects, the threat of Iraqi terrorism is said to be fading, details on known terrorists, some sound fading, liberal ideology, a train passes, Confuse The Operator: finding cordless extension cords in Kenya and Japan, musical hold from Japan, the unique Japanese ring, "No Sound Test" promo, hamburgers, Matt does "Concert Billboard" live in the studio and over the phone, a WUSB hardcore benefit show during the day on the 17th.

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Mar. 9
brain_damage__19910309.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19910309.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19910309-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19910309-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3


- 03 / 16 / 91 -

"Cantata" promo, "Natural Alternatives" promo, "Psychadelicatessen" promo, "Debbie Does Country" promo, "Moscow Mailbag," "Polka Country USA" promo, "Blues With A Feeling" promo, The Pogues, the studio is covered with people, news, a token scandal involving the New York City subway, trying to call the token booth, a new space shuttle named Endeavor is being built, New York City selects a replacement for the subway token, a scandal involving a dog on the subway, Radiothon will preempt the show for the next two weeks, "Natural Alternatives" promo, What's For Lunch?, a What's For Lunch? outtake, the WUSB benefit show is once again canceled by the university, a petition against the virtual prohibition of student concerts, students at Stony Brook come to the studio to express their views, all kinds of technical problems, why hardcore music isn't the problem, what slamdancing is, problems at a Special Ed concert, an appeal for an off-campus venue, Francis gives perspective as a staffmember, The Tripod Family: trying to figure out who may be behind the strange events of late, "Psychadelicatessen" promo, speed problem, Minor Threat, Indian food arrives, how WUSB was the only group affected by the new policy, the Urban Dance Squad/Living Color concert and how people were mistreated, advice on how to deal with these problems, "Blues With A Feeling" promo, "Psychadelicatessen" promo.

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Mar. 16
brain_damage__19910316.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19910316.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19910316-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19910316-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3


- 03 / 30 / 91 -

The end of Radiothon 1991. Rundown of Radiothon premiums, No Sound Test promo, Lister promo, The Specials, the final minutes of Radiothon 1991, the figure is up to $21,866, Cindy will deliver clams to anyone who pledges, Mike Yuhas fell off a table last year, Jim "Barrelhouse" Wiener, the importance of moving the transmitter to a higher location, Walter is here for the third year in a row, Francis urges people to call, Madness, Mike is taking pictures left and right, "Jimmy MacDexter" tells what it's like for everyone to be together at the station, more people are calling from car phones, the original goal wasn't met, Brother Bill describes his beginnings at the station and his relationship with Brother Nick, how one person really does make a difference at WUSB, Brain Damage will be back next week, "It's only money, but is this only radio?", how the station isn't always for everyone, "breaking the barriers of ignorance," Big Audio Dynamite, Eric once bought a three hour cassette, a Bob Dylan special aired earlier with Gary Pecorino and Charlie Backfish, Gerry Riemer talks about the Celtic show, trying to get everyone from the tally room into the studio, the fundraiser has lasted ten days, Rob Franza promotes Jazz On The Air, Cindy helps make listeners feel guilty, Jim stops Eric from calling listeners who haven't pledged, Norm Prusslin stops in and starts a contest to guess the first letter of the last name of the final person to pledge, a recreation of the WUSB Sea Shanty, the Sheep ID, Norm verifies the authenticity of the Doors ID, the pronunciation controversy surrounding Commack, $22,022 is the final tally, Teresa Zapolska calls in, the Polka Festival aired last Sunday, there's been a polka category in the Grammy Awards for the last eight years, Frank stops by, Kibret is up next, dead air, playing the label, Eric can't stop saying the phone number, No Sound Test promo, No Sound Test.

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Mar. 30
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