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- 08 / 17 / 91 -

Jim Wiener, "Stardate" with extra intro and a preview of the next one, unofficial theme music with phone sounds, Eric returns from his travels, more bickering with Tony White, Jim takes the floor, "Moscow Mailbag," news, a hurricane warning is in effect for Hurricane Bob, a controversy involving Mick Jones and a jeans commercial using a Clash song, the difference between American and British commercials, how indecency doesn't seem to be a problem on television in England, a combination Clash/Big Audio Dynamite 2 song, a warning, a replay of the last episode of The Tripod Family, "Onda Nueva" promo, Thee Stash, a rundown of some of the Clash related records Eric found in England, Eric sees the sewers of Nice firsthand and learns how the Tripod episodes rejuvenated the town, Free Health Fair promo, The Tripod Family: trying to get out of the underground wildlife sanctuary, Heartbeat Reggae Contest promo, Eric describes his trip across France, Monaco, Italy, and Switzerland, a robbery in Bern, dealing with Swiss police, a listener is set to have a letter read on "Moscow Mailbag," a caller's experience at a Paul Simon concert in Central Park, the danger of demonizing marijuana, why New Yorkers get a bad rap, instances of rudeness in Europe, Cindy Mistler has been filling in while Eric's been away, Stupid Questions: Where Am I?, all the local Arby's have disappeared, how the United States has a reputation for violence overseas, why do people wear advertisements for jeans?, the INSLAW case and a mysterious suicide, a Pee Wee Herman scandal, Mr. Radio returns, nobody has shown up for the midnight show, some WUSB history from the 70s, a debate over meteorologists, Heartbeat Reggae Contest promo, a swastika is found on Plymouth Rock, Eric has trouble with the phone number and gets help from directory assistance, Tony helps to solve the mystery of the midnight show, intruders at the station, Tony's theory on intelligence, what the W stands for in call letters, tax protesters, what radio is like in Europe, an example of the wit on television in England, cultural differences in Europe, Eric tries to tell a story about language conditions in France, travel tips for going to Russia, talk of the coming hurricane, Eric's feelings towards disco, Mr. Radio calls back, a scandal at CUNY involving Dr. Leonard Jeffries and allegations of racism. This show goes on for an extra hour and the end is missing.

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Aug. 17
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- 08 / 24 / 91 -

Dave Brown, "Stardate," phone company recordings, dramatic events in Moscow, "Moscow Mailbag," disembodied voices, the first side of "The Globe," the new Big Audio Dynamite 2 record, news, first word of the attempted coup in the Soviet Union, Eric was without power for four days because of the hurricane, Rop from Amsterdam describes what it was like to be in Moscow during the coup attempt, how the media tried to manipulate the resistance, why Boris Yeltsin wasn't targeted, how individual actions made the coup fail, what life in the Soviet Union is currently like, "The African Beat" promo, The Tripod Family: Charlie tries to recover at the Amalgamated Hospital in Huntington, Heartbeat Reggae Contest promo, the first major hurricane in six years hits Long Island, what it was like without power, news, how LILCO really screwed up this time, "Ask The Manager" on WSBK-TV, last week's show was four hours long, Eric goes to Crown Heights in the middle of a race riot, how a crowd of people intervened to prevent trouble, callers keep talking about Mr. Radio, predictions that Boris Yeltsin will be the next leader of the Soviet Union, who the real heroes are, what was done wrong in Crown Heights, Mr. Radio calls from a payphone, a caller wonders how calls to the 550 exchange showed up on his phone bill, how to find out what local calls are made on your phone bill, the outro is missing, the outros to "Critique" and "Natural Alternatives" are used instead.

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Aug. 24
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brain_damage__19910824-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19910824-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3


- 08 / 31 / 91 -

Valerie Jean, shouting in the background, "The African Beat" promo, a very scratchy Pink Floyd record, multiple "Concert Billboards," MF tones, a not in service recording for the WUSB phone number, a "Moscow Mailbag" made before the coup attempt, the second side of "The Globe," the new Big Audio Dynamite 2 album, a special speed replay of the first side, "This Way Out" promo, The Tripod Family: Uncle Jonathan explains his presence in France, drug abuse PSA, news, the United States is set to recognize the three Baltic republics, a subway train crashes in New York and a crack vial is found in the driver's compartment, drug free urine, Confuse The Operator: where country code 599 is, an example of really poor AT&T software, MCI in Spanish, US Sprint gives it a try, AT&T gives it another try, a listener takes action against RCA, drug testing, white collar income not affected by the economy, the sales tax is going up half a percent in a day, reluctance to buy records, the summer issue of The Hacker Quarterly is coming out, how to get followed by strange people, Tony White hassles Eric, "The Happy Nightmare" promo.

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Aug. 31
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