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- 11 / 10 / 91 -

The end of "Psychadelicatessen," a study of paranoia and abnormal psychology, reaction to the news about Magic Johnson, facts about AIDS, a special guest is in the studio, the advantages of masturbation, Reverend Fletcher Brothers gives a sermon on the evils of rock music, The Dead Kennedys, the evils of dentists, The Maytals, trying to get area code information from the phone company, looking up the number for Freedom Village USA, feedback on the sermon, a caller from North Carolina talks about religious zealots, another storm heading up the coast, What's For Lunch?, a caller is upset about fights in clubs, why Eric doesn't want to run for president, Riley the Roofer, how the Magic Johnson case has opened people's eyes about AIDS, an AIDS hotline that's constantly busy, trying other AIDS hotlines, how people get and don't get AIDS, extensive excerpts from one of the hotlines. This show goes on for an extra hour.

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Nov. 10
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