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- 01 / 05 / 92 -

"Concert Billboard," Eric is disoriented by his echoing voice, Eric is sick as a dog, the new Clash triple CD collection, Brother Bill recommends Fisherman's Friends cough drops, reference to the Grateful Dead marathon at the station over New Year's, Eric is immune from poison ivy, hard hitting questions for Robert Gaffney (new Suffolk County Executive) from Newsday, talk of Wilford Brimley, Eric's hatred of the TV show "Sisters," "Ren and Stimpy," the film "JFK" raises questions, favorite nuclear holocaust films, Eric hears a real EBS alert for the first time, Rocketeer candy, Eric makes a startling admission on his soda experiment years ago, facts about Big Gulps, Brother Bill appeals for someone to put their phone in the freezer, Eric wasn't in last week, reviews of last week's show with Matt where skateboarding was the topic, definition of alternative music, Eric was in Philadelphia last week, a caller wonders if communism and socialism are dead, more callers call after midnight than at the old 10 pm slot, the phone dropping contest from "The Voice Of Long Island" and how phones no longer sound the same, bad graffiti, why fraternity rocks are a bad idea, a former Oswego DJ calls with theories on culture and music, Negativland and KPFA, a call from a "Klondike Bar" person, memories of the Clash show on the pier in the rain, an extended version of "Straight To Hell" by The Clash, the CD skips at a crucial point, more thoughts on alternative music, a caller votes against the Radio Moscow feature, trouble at a rap concert, a theory on why fewer females call than males, a second try at playing the CD, Paul Weisman follows with "Beyond Hell."

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Jan. 5
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- 01 / 12 / 92 -

"Concert Billboard," ringing phones, biblical contradictions, a Freedom From Religion "non-tract," more selections from the new Clash compilation, President Bush throws up on television, the one year anniversary of the Persian Gulf War, a McDonald's won't be opening in Mattituck, Rhode Island racists threaten video stores for stocking a Spike Lee film, CNN Headline News almost announces Bush's death, why the Japanese aren't buying American cars, why the show is on so late, some political predictions on the upcoming presidential race, prospects of a woman president and a Satanic church, Nirvana is on "Saturday Night Live," Eric thinks Nirvana is mainstream, skaters are harassed by security on campus, a local man is charged with tapping into an ex-girlfriend's phone line, "JFK" continues to cause controversy, dogs are set to take over the world in a week, the Commonwealth of Independent States, recollecting an old caller, a caller criticizes antiwar protesters, a caller says Nirvana is coming to campus, a story of skinheads in a pizza place, why Domino's isn't a real pizza place, a call to the White Aryan Resistance, trying to hack the machine, criticism of Prodigy, the mark of a good reporter, Eric won't be in for the next two weeks.

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Jan. 12
brain_damage__19920112.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19920112.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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