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- 04 / 05 / 92 -

Weird Stony Brook error message, assorted rings, various telephone company error messages, a rant against animal activism, Jerry Brown comes to campus, Brown wins a primary, the political process seems interesting for the first time in a while, how Brown seems to be changing the entire playing field, new information about Clinton suggests he may have ducked the draft, Eric catches the Associated Press in a lie, how The New York Times distorts coverage of Jerry Brown, Hillary Clinton causes controversy with a Vanity Fair interview, how the voting system discriminates against independent voters, the McNamara scandal hits Port Jefferson, anti-abortion protesters cause controversy, Daylight Savings Time starts at the end of the show, debate on whether Jesse Jackson is a racist, a Ren and Stimpy interlude, reports that David Letterman is a libertarian, Steve Kreitzer announces on April 1 that he's leaving "Turmoil" because of a poor showing during the fundraiser, update on last week's show on Satan, rumors that Satan is getting phone service in Alaska, special properties of coffee, What's For Lunch?, pornographic pictures on the ceiling, wildly fluctuating temperatures, a sudden snowstorm hits right before Jerry Brown speaks, Eric hangs up on Satan, similarities between Eric and Imus, Matt experiences a massive traffic jam getting into the campus, a caller conducts a weird survey on trucking, the I-CON science fiction convention takes over the campus, Star Trek talk, a 30 acre fungus is found, calling the time as Daylight Savings Time begins, Eric won't be in next week, The Clash.

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April 5
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