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- 07 / 12 / 92 -

"Concert Billboard," verification test recordings, the AP machine is now readable, winning lottery numbers for an unknown state, Eric's trip through Iowa, a challenge to come up with the name of Bill Clinton's daughter, outrage at the selection of Al Gore as a running mate, the danger of Tipper Gore, the prospect of Perot and who his running mate will be, the Supreme Court comes within one vote of overturning Roe vs. Wade, 20 seconds of silence, train sound effects, visiting Mike Yuhas in Milwaukee, Eric's backward hat incident in a St. Louis mall with a bunch of hackers, Eric's encounter with customs coming into the United States from Montreal, Eric's advice on suicide, why Canada is great, the prospects of exploring space, why we're not helping the people of Sarajevo, a mysterious voice in the studio, why teleconferencing is a bad idea tonight, a caller complains about the subject matter, a caller doesn't remember who she called, the history of the Jersey Knights, the Major Soccer League goes out of business, a caller from Baiting Hollow, an appeal to a missing friend, a confused caller calls back, low volume and hiss at 1:33, the sound of a pulsing phone, The Big Guy is coming in later, another Metroliner, a listener analysis on why Bush will win, calling the White House press office, cable cars from San Francisco, calling the mall in St. Louis, a listener's experience with the same border crossing.

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July 12
brain_damage__19920712.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19920712.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19920712-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19920712-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3


- 07 / 19 / 92 -

The end of "Psychadelicatessen," "Concert Billboard," Big Audio Dynamite, trying to fix a technical problem live on the air, microphones inadvertently turned on, selections from a new Clash tribute album, the Democratic Convention, Perot drops out of the race, a new strain of the AIDS virus, the danger of teleconferencing too many people together, rumors of Quayle being dropped, Fleetwood Mac at the convention, the Cuomo/Jackson ticket, who benefits the most from Perot leaving the race, Eric is willing to give Tipper Gore a second chance, how Arkansas was supposed to cast the deciding vote for Clinton, how Bush can get rid of Quayle, the length of the speeches, why Republicans have it easy, the various controversies surrounding the candidates, low levels at 1:31, more talk of the St. Louis hat incident, a call from Mr. Bush, the PMRC, friends of Eric's are arrested for computer hacking.

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July 19
brain_damage__19920719.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19920719.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19920719-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19920719-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3


- 07 / 26 / 92 -

Getting the numbers for WUSB, trains, teleconferencing night, a large crowd makes reading the news difficult, prospects for a sequel to the Gulf War, somehow the United States lost an Olympic soccer game before the Olympics began, how it's hard to use the word "olympic" without getting sued, inside a subway station, weirdness in sports league division lineups, Clinton leads Bush in a poll, Bosnian update, why a U.N./Iraq conflict is better than a U.S./Iraq conflict, Marc Gunning reported to be hanging up on people on "Outrageous," talk show hosts are not allowed to talk about other talk show hosts, ethnic Muslims reported to be sent away in freight trains in Bosnia, Bush tells middle-aged ladies to shut up, how to pronounce Bay Shore, news of Bhutan and international information, what channel is TBS?, more on geographical screwups in sports leagues, an AIDS conference in Amsterdam, Quayle says something intelligent, defining the media, "Spitting Image," is an Iraqi life as valuable as an American one?, Eric still can't get cable, what happened to J.J. from "Good Times," a call from New Rochelle, cable TV on campus, Howard Stern and Dennis Miller are both canceled, info for the PMRC, calling the PMRC and asking for information, arguing over Iraq.

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July 26
brain_damage__19920726.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19920726.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19920726-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19920726-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3

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