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- 09 / 20 / 92 -

End of "Psychadelicatessen," "Concert Billboard," Matt hasn't been playing the theme during Eric's absence, the National Reconnaissance Office is declassified, the difference between being listed in the phone book and through directory assistance, an example of what callers have to go through to get information at University Hospital, how the phone company makes money without people even talking to each other, Matt wonders why all teenagers seem to carry beepers these days, how beeper traffic can be monitored, Eric advises people to see "Sneakers," the "Twin Peaks" movie, Eric has been wandering around Eastern Europe for the past few weeks, how American media doesn't cover world events, Turkey threatens to get involved in the war against Muslims in Bosnia, what it's like in Belgrade, why the people there aren't the enemy, Eric gets stuck on a train between Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, Eric's experience with a Bulgarian family, skaters and graffiti, how the front page of Newsday contains no news, Eric shows pictures of his trip, sound problems at the 47 minute mark, Eric's misadventure on the subway in Budapest, a scary story from Romania, Eric notices a discrepancy in the song "Lola," eating dogs, a police demonstration in New York, gun control in Europe, how to read graffiti, Matt sprains his ankle dancing, the Kinks, Spanish insults, the current mood in Yugoslavia, Eric may have accidentally violated the sanctions, complaints about there being no teleconference this week.

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Sep. 20
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