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- 11 / 08 / 92 -

Music, "Concert Billboard," Eric attacks immorality in Spiney Norman's music, news, attempts to reach a boat carrying plutonium from France to Japan results in all kinds of confusion with the phone company, Eric has trouble saying "President Clinton," court schedules, the New York marine operator leads to the high seas operator, public service announcements on Social Security and sex, Eric wasn't present for last week's show, handy tips for priests, Eric has an experience with angry birds at night, some sound problems at the 46 minute mark, talk of the election results, how Election Day wound up being on Tuesday, Eric gets a flat in Brooklyn and has to pay for air, a bulletin from Public Safety on the theft of a street sign, Matt is accused of being Fidel Castro for Halloween, a caller has an argument with the newly elected Rick Lazio, G Quad is set to be renamed to Mendelsohn, a shooting on campus sparks Public Safety's desire for guns, audio ends after 93 minutes.

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Nov. 8
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