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- 01 / 03 / 93 -

"Concert Billboard," phone number recording, a profile of the Northwest Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, ways to deal with Operation Rescue from Wind Chill Factor, fun facts from Harper's Index, the frustration of precipitation always turning to rain, the news, Bush and Yeltsin sign a treaty, a tape screwup probably caused by Kevin, a NASA failure, Clinton on the way in, what to call the new Czech republic, terrorism at a Spike Lee film, trying to select a random call, Eric's uneventful New Year's and Christmas, two TV movies about Amy Fisher set to be on at the exact same time, a caller spends New Year's Eve in Times Square, a couple leave their kid alone in the house, Eric questions the integrity of the parents in "Home Alone 2," a rumor circulates about Ozzy Osbourne retiring, the disappearing single screen theaters on Long Island, concern over defective condoms, a reported case of necrobestiality, the teleconference is responsible for bringing people together, Eric spreads a radio virus, a band called Virgin Steele is related to the whole Buttafuoco/Fisher scandal, Charlie Brown grows hair in Newsday during a labor dispute, why the show isn't on delay, an update from a recovering alcoholic named Herman Sherman, Kevin brings a huge cookie into the studio, looking forward to Martin Luther King Day, a selection from a musical called "Yip Yip Yaphank," audio drops at 1:26, local police take nearly a week to trace a call made by a missing girl, a caller raises a fuss over how Eric pronounces the word "egg," the old 11785 zip code for Setauket, a teleconference accident, the subtle difference between sabotage and terrorism, restored audio and weird speed at 1:48, an altered box score, Eric gives calling plan advice.

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Jan. 3
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