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- 09 / 19 / 93 -

"Concert Billboard," minor distortion, a warning to listeners, a fast forward through the theme, Richard Burton to appear later in the program, Eric explains why he was away for so long, Jim Wiener is announced as official co-host and answers some questions, a report of last week's show with Matt when he told the entire audience to "stuff it," publicity and preparations for the return of the show in its original form, the "Brain Damage" influence on Washington DC, a studio audience joins the show, President Clinton's remarks on the return of "Brain Damage," Eric's response to people who insist that Richard Burton is dead, callers have difficulty remembering Eric, a caller has trouble getting onto the Internet, concern grows over Richard Burton as an attempt is made to reach him, how to get an unlisted phone number from information, Eric calls Dave the program director, a very strange public service announcement, someone comes up with a possible solution to the problem, the "Brain Damage" promo is played, trying to reach Richard Burton in Seattle, the brand new expensive newscaster is introduced, Richard Burton in Los Angeles, a controversy involving Michael Jackson in Jerusalem, scratching a blackboard, Confuse The Operator: a confusing telephone recording includes a computer screwup and a new personalized service, Richard Burton in Denver, Milt is coming, a call to Richard Burton in the Bay Area gets a volatile reaction, an apology for all of the screwups, warnings about string orchestra bands, talk of Lister, Richard Burton in Albuquerque, some speed problems during the interview, more apologies, part of "The Furthest Sense" follows.

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Sep. 19
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- 09 / 26 / 93 -

"Concert Billboard," a warning, a William Burroughs rap, tonight's special guest is Dan Quayle, the problems of last week are cleared up, why callers to WUSB don't get disconnected after a certain number of rings, the new *66 service has an outrageous fee attached to it, talk of daytime TV and a major foulup involving an influenza shot, trading disgusting videotapes on the Internet, Eric is selected for jury duty on the World Trade Center bombing trial, an Indian health center in South Dakota forgets to install a phone system, secrets on how to get selected for a jury, 800 numbers that bill at 900 rates, a USA Today foulup, how to block your number from being transmitted to an 800 number, why Matt has been exiled, a caller remembers Eric's call to Matt from Wyoming over the summer, talk of the Biosphere, how "Brain Damage" is as far away from the end of school as it is from the beginning of school, an invitation to listen to polka, blackboard scratching, a newscast in the rain while Eric tries to fix a leak in the roof, a story about knife wielding kindergarteners on a killing rampage in Colombia, a study of earthworms, Lenny Bruce on "how to relax your colored friends," Matt calls in, Clinton's health care plan, playing down Dan Quayle's appearance, Confuse The Operator: asking various long distance companies what restrictions exist on a phone line, a funny recording that claims AT&T has been disconnected, W.C. Fields on Lucky Strikes, News of the Weird, a Burger King opens on campus.

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Sep. 26
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