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- 10 / 03 / 93 -

Screaming Yoko Ono music, "Concert Billboard," an appeal for a full switchboard, a more low-key show from this point on to avoid the mistakes of the past, an explanation of the Yoko album, an excerpt of "Two Minute Silence," a rumor of hidden persons in "The Wizard of Oz" and "Three Men and a Baby," Mr. Roberts, a demonstration of the recording used by New York Telephone for information greetings, a caller describes the process of making t-shirts, a review of "Dazed and Confused," fraternities and sororities at Stony Brook, talk of the flag on the moon, plastic coupons, a telephone song, Mr. Roberts, blackboard scratching, the news with William Wright, a plan to give $10,000 to every American, a comet is set to crash into Jupiter on July 4, Jim Wiener's predictions for the future which include one involving Richard Burton, Debunking Literature: "The Sound and the Fury" vs. "The Personal Safety Handbook" at Stony Brook, a dramatic reading of "Wide O-," a brand new Nirvana record, the do's and don't's of a fire alarm, Eric criticizes William Faulkner, Confuse The Operator: making collect calls using automated technology, callers talk about "airtrips," a suggestion for Columbus Day, part of "The Furthest Sense" follows.

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Oct. 3
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- 10 / 10 / 93 -

"Concert Billboard," Spiney tries to distort his voice, the theme slows down, listeners complain about Jim and his predictable responses, Jim responds at great length, fast paced music, the Autumn issue of 2600 is out, talk of "Off The Hook," Eric is working for the government, some hacking tips, the 2600 voice mail system, dealing with Radio Shack, Ask Dr. Science, Negativland trivia, "Psychopathia Sexualis" from 1922 gives a unique perspective on sexuality, talk of "frottage," blackboard scratching, news with William Wright, experiments in the newsroom, looking up many similar cattle-related words in the dictionary, an 11-year-old calls in for advice on writing a play about The Beatles, reference to a mistake made on "Off The Hook" when "Brain Damage" was accidentally mentioned, chaos in Moscow, Confuse The Operator: trying to find the country code for Bajor from "Deep Space Nine," more from "Psychopathia Sexualis," a mystery involving two listeners, part of "The Furthest Sense" follows.

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Oct. 10
brain_damage__19931010.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19931010.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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- 10 / 17 / 93 -

A shocking situation unfolds as "Brain Damage" goes to a Christian format, the Christian Radio Adventure Pact, a God chant with the help of Negativland, "God" is the word of the day, instructions on what to do if you see the light, the CD player is possessed, Eric has doubts, a review of TV listings, encouraging people to say "Jesus Christ," Eric deals with a confused caller, members of the staff gather outside, how forgiveness for sin really works, Spiney asks some pointed questions, Dave the Program Director arrives, Jim Wiener is absent, more on who the Christian Radio Adventure Pact is, a tape snaps without moving, making "God Bless You" into a legal ID, a disciple of Milt calls, blackboard scratching, news with William Wright, why people have 256 tries to redeem themselves and how it may go up to 512 in the future, how the point system works, the importance of cleanliness, how God can go with more than one person at once, what God wants, the microphone is accidentally left on after the show.

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Oct. 17
brain_damage__19931017.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19931017.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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- 10 / 24 / 93 -

"Concert Billboard," "Previously on Brain Damage," we have been agents of Satan for many years, the program is now called "Christian Brain Damage," how to avoid getting God angry, the evils of sarcasm, an appeal for funds to support the new format, Tammy Faye Bakker, the great train ride, a clarification of the point system with regards to unpaid tickets, other religious groups take offense at the new format, why Christians cannot turn the other cheek more than once, the deductible points that are given to non-Christians, Eric's sin level is 63, other programs on the station begin to adopt a Christian flavor, a caller gets her faith back because of the show, a special hymn, the religion contained in Beatles and Pink Floyd songs, the advantage of a stone building with a permanent foundation, why the points can't be erased, Eric discusses how he came to change his mind since last week, creating a path, the newscaster has been cast aside, an atheist calls in, Eric accepts an invitation to go to bible camp for a week and won't be on the air next week, whether "airtrips" count as sins, counseling a suicidal caller, how best to see the light, a definition of atheism, more Christian music from Warrior Soul, the prayer line is up on a 900 number, trying to find a telephone listing for God, "Jesus Christ Superstar," a miracle: the news teletype stops working, God calls in and reveals his true name, the importance of the "Book of Sin," how many points Hitler may have had, the show will go on for an extra ten minutes, Beatles songs track over Wiener and bloodcurdling screams.

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Oct. 24
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