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- 01 / 16 / 94 -

"Concert Billboard," Eric tries to come up with a word to describe the weather, a Bob and Ray sketch on the coldest day on record taken from WHDH in Boston during a heat wave, Eric's first show since early December, high praise for the first good winter in ten years, tales of traffic accidents, Spiney is forced to do an outdoor remote, Eric falls on the ice in New York City after journeying to Kansas and Pennsylvania, "Schindler's List" comes to Long Island, an analysis of mailmen, Spiney tries to smash a frozen bottle of soda, a potential scandal surrounds Clinton, a caller complains about socialism and other things, Spiney talks to a caller from the outdoor payphone, an earthquake hits Pennsylvania, an experiment involving a kitten and a snake out in the cold, the phone line remains open outside, callers get admonished for continuing to use last names, Spiney returns with a cup of solid ice, dropping the frozen bottle of Coke in the studio, an explosion scare, a brief audio glitch at 1:26, Confuse The Operator: NYNEX or New York Telephone?, an open phone line out in the cold, Eric battles the phone system, the NYNEX Voice Messaging Service proves frustrating, criticism of Matt, the effects of severe cold, more strange noises from Jim, a caller thinks Nazis are cool, talk of ice and snow, an ice storm in Philadelphia.

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Jan. 16
brain_damage__19940116.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19940116.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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- 01 / 23 / 94 -

Spiney Norman, "Concert Billboard," the phone lines are tied up immediately, Spiney is cataloguing 45s, a bag of condoms appears at the station, Eric tries to put a condom over the microphone, Spiney has a complaint about COCOTs, a synthesizer takes over the show, a caller plays a recording of his math teacher, Jim adds unseen commentary, a Monster Truck driver calls in, news, Telly Savalas dies, the campus is deserted in the middle of a cold snap, Lorena Bobbit is found not guilty, The Partridge Family, callers try to talk over Nirvana, the effects of having a condom on the microphone for over an hour, a call from a car phone, Kenyon confirms the existence of the microphone condom, a caller has a weird experience in a taxi, removing the condom, telephone talk, a caller puts his phone in the freezer, Ernie Kovacs, Confuse The Operator: how to return money from a payphone, more 70s music, Attila The Stockbroker.

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Jan. 23
brain_damage__19940123.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19940123.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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- 01 / 30 / 94 -

Spiney puts callers on hold without permission, a German feature on techno music, Long Island identity in the face of the Joey Buttafuoco/Amy Fisher scandal, a local bank defaces the train trestle with a banner, how overdevelopment is destroying the Island, William Levitt and Claude Akins die, a complete history of the Levitt legacy, a rumor that the show won't be on next week, overriding McDonald's frequencies at drive-ins, a recording from one of the drive-ins, how it's illegal to listen to cellular frequencies, a critique of a cheesy film on HBO, an appeal for someone with the current edition of the Port Jefferson Record, rating "poor" jokes, references to "Babylon 5" and "NYPD Blue," the former republics of Yugoslavia, a joke wins the grand prize, the Stony Brook Police Report, why it never snows in the southern hemisphere, an FCC siren goes off, audio is low for about four minutes, recordings of a math and science teacher, an appeal to listeners who have access to the Internet, a WUSB IRC meeting is planned for after the show, readings from the "Amsterdam Radio Cookbook" on how to run your own radio station, more jokes, a caller intends to complain about the show to the FCC, a look at big mistakes in the Port Jefferson Record and Statesman.

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Jan. 30
brain_damage__19940130.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19940130.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
brain_damage__19940130-128.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19940130-128.mp3 | for WWW 128k mp3

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