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- 02 / 20 / 94 -

Bad sound for the first minute of "Concert Billboard," minor distortion, dead air, various promos, Spiney has a misadventure trying to see a midnight movie on campus, no show last week because of a hockey game, Tonya Harding is the mandatory topic, an amusing story involving an ATM, Chemical Bank accidentally doubles ATM transactions, Spy Magazine going out of business, Eric introduces a call screener, Matt is reported to have hung up on a recording of the math teacher, new math teacher material, Eric uses an almanac to answer questions, a competition of mother jokes, Eric goes to Curry in a Hurry, a caller tries to get Jim to say yes, another hockey game next week, Fox buys the rights to the story of a local fender bender, extremely hot in the studio, "The Furthest Sense" promo, news, a potential presidential assassin, news from a stroke conference, Christian Coalition accusations towards the Clintons, Eric challenges Spiney with almanac questions, use of the word "bitch," more fun facts, a caller does a rap song, a "cab driver" calls in, bad sound for a couple of minutes at the 90 minute mark, Confuse The Operator: an olympic competition - asking for country codes for hard to spell countries, Eric's review of "Philadelphia," Gary Pecorino starts a new show after "Brain Damage."

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Feb. 20
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