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- 08 / 21 / 94 -

Chris Crowley, Jacob Miller, Steel Pulse, various sound effects, Nixon's confession, Eric hasn't been on in a while, Jim Wiener is present in a sense, Matt is distorted, a musical skip emergency, new drinks are available downstairs, screaming microphone checks, Rop and Billsf are in from Amsterdam, Billsf explains why beer is good for you, the WUSB antenna was hit by lightning, Gary Pecorino is somewhere in the studio, activating the patch bay to bring Gary into the fun, an information operator appears, the last show with Eric was when Nixon died, a caller talks about how to avert a plague, a caller details her health problems over the summer, how the program has changed since Eric was last in, Rop's trick to get into NYU, Billsf explains his name, trying to get the local number for Social Security, a demonstration of their unfriendly answering system, Matt explains Tony Thomas from Bay Shore, Eric accuses Matt of breaking the radio show, Billsf explains the differences in beer, Eric analyzes the chips he's eating, mixing calls and languages, two call-in shows at the same time, a caller recites all the countries in the world with a song, a report of nudity on television, Chris remembers Smith College, Eric and Chris review the swings at West Meadow Beach, a caller with an unintelligible phone, merging callers together, callers talk about their most embarrassing experiences, a swing festival comes to Long Island, Eric messes with Chris' voice, Confuse The Operator: Billsf helps to confuse operators by asking for the country code for Antarctica, Satan and sex, Rop talks about the South, an extremely quick succession of calls, a student of Valerie Wilcox calls in, another quick succession of calls.

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Aug. 21
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- 08 / 28 / 94 -

This show is in the Matt Files section, which can be found here.

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