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- 11 / 13 / 94 -

This show is alternately hosted by both Eric and Matt. The Poetry Guy visits, a story involving Nostradamus and the future O.J. verdict, there was another host of the show last week, Eric will be coming on at the half hour mark, a caller has a soap opera dilemma, Sarlo and Y Windows visit from Chicago, getting a Chicago information operator to look up Y, a plethora of letter names, an apropos Nirvana song, an upcoming book on Kurt Cobain, Ben from North Carolina gives advice, a song from a listener, microphone sound effects, quarter tones, Eric appears in Details Magazine, reference to another show on WBAI, a caller begs to have his song played, Eric breaks in with a wind bulletin, Emmanuel Goldstein visits after being targeted by Brownies, listeners will host the show next week, Ben gets into an altercation with a caller, O.J. jokes, Argentinian ska, Confuse The Operator: a famous foreign person speaks complete gibberish to operators, a caller has an effect on Matt, first show with Eric in a long time, another listener song, Gary Pecorino is up next, numerous goodbyes.

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Nov. 13
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