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- 01 / 08 / 95 -

This show is in the Matt Files section, which can be found here.


- 01 / 22 / 95 -

This show is in the Matt Files section, which can be found here.


- 01 / 29 / 95 -

The last edition of "Brain Damage." Eric and Matt put an end to the show, excerpts from the January 2, 1988 show (the first one), who was the first person to call in, "Stardate" from 1988, the original intro, Mike Yuhas comes up from Philadelphia, Jim Wiener, a history of the really early days of WUSB, Rich Koch calls in, merging the past with the present, a live crowd joins in the festivities, what people were doing seven years ago, a toast to "Brain Damage," Sue Stahlman, Brother Nick, Brother Bill, CC, Spiney Norman, Howard, a strange speaking clock, Djibouti is the topic, the playing of the Djibouti national anthem through a computer, remembering the screaming operator of Bhutan, dinner before the 1988 show, listening to the extra second over WWV that was added on New Year's 1988, the aging of the staff and listeners, the upcoming transmitter move, Mr. Wizard has identical info on Djibouti as Eric, a farewell song, calls are taken from the other room, Jim Wiener, why Beck would make a good replacement for Kurt Cobain, Scott Warmuth and dramatic themes, a robot call from 1988 tries the patience of a repair operator, the theme to Confuse The Operator is delayed, Confuse The Operator: hacking the phone system to get an operator, where the theme actually comes from, history of The Tripod Family, some 2600 questions, Mike Wallace interrogates Eric, an old "Concert Billboard" with Arnie, excerpt from "Lobotomy," the Stony Brook snow hotline, Eric identifies a mystery song, a selection from Negativland, connecting a lot of operators together, the last call, some of "The Furthest Sense" follows.

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Jan. 29
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