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- 06 / 30 / 02 -

The first show since 1995, you can no longer say "WUSB Under God," Chris Crowley drops by, Autojack helps to get the program onto the Internet, the dial tone has changed, the 25th anniversary of WUSB, old WUSB staff members are wandering around, problems with the CD player, the Pledge of Allegiance controversy, doubts as to whether the signal is actually getting to the net, the new 631 area code, availability of old episodes of "Brain Damage" on the net, Chris introduces a new voice, changes at the university, the Bridge To Nowhere is gone, the story of the bridge, a critique of Statesman, Eric finds an old cart down the hall, various Jim Wiener sound effects, the return of the Space Robots, memories of "The Voice Of Long Island," Chris sees a David Lynch influence in Eric's film, Eric's negative feelings on "Mulholland Drive," Rob Rothenberg reports on strange restrictions in registering software, microphone noise, Brother Bill appeals for callers, Matt Mankiewich reports on the death of Rosemary Clooney, Matt reminds Eric of his big mistake with Richard Burton years ago, the World Cup, a call from Ontario, Matt gets a phone call from a telemarketer at a payphone, Rosemary Clooney, The Who, the death of John Entwistle, remembering Entwistle, everybody in the room calls into the switchboard at the same time, Spiney reminisces, static in the headphones, Eric tells of the tearing down of the Thomas Jefferson statue in Port Jefferson, calling information to get the number for WUSB, a caller debates the merits of the Pledge of Allegiance, an automated number announcement, Bryan Katz remembers when he used to listen to "Brain Damage," Steve talks about memorials, Christina tries to get Eric to stay, talking about hacking and the upcoming conference, a call from Whitney Island, a caller argues for guns on airplanes, how people feel safer when there are no guns around, a Borders employee calls in, an old "Brain Damage" listener, Confuse The Operator: calling directory assistance for Bhutan collect, automated toll-free information, getting AT&T's various toll-free numbers, a demonstration of Tellme, trying to figure out who's coming on next, Dave Klein has phone questions for Eric, The Who, Sheep ID.

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Jun. 30
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