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Northampton County
Correctional Facility

ATTN: Ed Cummings, M3
666 Walnut Street
Easton, PA 18042

Those Responsible
These are the people responsible
for keeping Ed Cummings imprisoned.

Bucks County Correctional Facility

  • phone: 215.325.3700
  • fax: 215.345.3940

Address 1730 South Easton Road Doylestown, PA
Director: Mr. Nesbitt (warden equivalent)
Chief: John Henderson
(had Cummings thrown into maximum security for receiving a fax from a reporter - later told Cummings he had "no right" to speak to the press)

Lehigh County Prison

  • phone: 610.820.3270

Address 38 North Fourth Street Allentown, PA 18103
Warden: Ed Sweeney

  • phone: 610.820.3133
  • fax: 610.820.3450

Haverford Township Police Department

John Morris
  • phone: 610.853.2400
  • fax: 610.853.1706

(original arresting officer who believed Cummings was involved in a drug deal because he was observed selling electronic components to a vehicle occupied by African Americans)

Northampton County Probation Department

Scott Hoke (parole officer)
  • phone: 610.559.7211
  • fax: 610.559.7218

(as Cummings' parole officer for a minor infraction years earlier, Hoke had told Cummings that parole was a waste of time for such a trivial offense. However, after being interviewed by the Secret Service, Hoke did an about face and began referring to Cummings as a very dangerous criminal who needed to be in prison for a long time.)

Harrisburg Parole Office

Ralph Bigley -
  • Phone: 717.787.2563
  • Fax: 717.772.3534

Mr. Bigelow

phone: 717.787.5699

Northampton County Courthouse

  • (main) 610.559.3000

Judge Panella

  • phone: 610.515.0830
  • fax:610.515.0832

US District Court, Philadelphia

(main) 215.597.2995
Address 601 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19106
  • Judge Marjorie Rendell phone:215.597.3015 fax:215.580.2393
  • Judge Jay C. Waldman phone:215.597.9644 fax:215.580.2155
  • Judge Charles B. Smith phone:215.597.0421 fax:215.597.6125

Assistant U.S. Attorney

Anne Whatley Chain, Esq.
phone: 215.451.5282
Address 615 Chestnut Street Suite 1250 Philadelphia, PA 19106

U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Thomas L. Varney, Room 7236
Federal Building
600 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
  • main 215.597.0600
  • fax 215.597.2435

(Varney was the key factor in having Ed Cummings imprisoned since March of 1995. It was he who convinced Det. John Morris that Cummings' possession of electronic components and certain books and magazines made him a danger to society. His testimony stands out in its incredible assessment of Cummings as nothing short of a terrorist and his ability, as a representative of one of the nation's most powerful agencies, to convince others in law enforcement that Cummings belongs in prison with the most dangerous and most violent of criminals.)

More information on this case can be found on the following web site:

the complete here.

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